At The Gates ~ Karak Eight Peaks

January 12, 2014 7 comments

k8p-3At last the time has come for the dwarves to address one of the greatest grudges ever inflicted upon them – the fall of Karak Eight Peaks. Standing before the massive defiled gates, the Oathbearers spearhead the attack with the help of their allies to dislodge the Greenskin from the World’s Edge Mountains. The grand statues of once proud kings are profaned by Greenskin filth, adding to the drive behind the dwarven host. Though the mountains crawl with a living slick green film, the forces of Order are undaunted by the task before them. Now is the time to strike at the forces of Destruction. Read more…

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At the Gates ~ Karaz-a-Karak

June 30, 2013 3 comments


The steady beat of drums echoes off the once peaceful gates of Karaz-a-Karak. The Bloody Sun Boyz have arrived leading a swarm that covers the valley floor in a deathly shade of green. Under the strain of the living tide that bears down upon them, the massive gates of Karaz-a-Karak groan echoing the sentiment of the defenders inside. The Bloody Sun Boyz hope to write a new chapter in the Great Book of Grudges, a chapter starting with the slaughter of Karaz-a-Karak. Read more…

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At the Gates ~ Lothern

April 21, 2013 Leave a comment

lothern GateThe Druchii host led by House Uthorin has made it to the gates of Lothern and begun to batter down its gates and outer defenses! Its gleaming white walls lined with deadly Eagle Claw bolt throwers – the metallic tips of the bolts reflecting the sunlight into the eyes of the invaders. Great eagles and griffins take to the skies to protect their realm from the onslaught of darkness. With Khaine’s blessing the streets of Lothern shall run red with Asur blood. Read more…

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At the Gates ~ Malekith’s Fist

March 8, 2013 4 comments

City - Black Ark

War has come to the gates of Malekith’s Fist – the very stronghold of the forces of House Uthorin that is leading the assault on Lothern. Ahead of the Shining Guard looms the massive Black Ark which seems to steal the light from the sun and shroud the land in darkness. Above the Black Ark the sky is dotted with all manners of dark beasts, below it the corsair fleet lay at anchor, and  lining its walkways are elite crews manning deadly repeater bolt throwers. The struggle will be vicious and bloody, but the Shining Guard must destroy Malekith’s Fist and shatter the Druchii foothold on Ulthuan. Read more…

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At The Gates

January 24, 2013 2 comments


For weeks now vicious battles have been taking place across Eataine, Caledor, Kadrin Valley, and Black Crag, while Thunder Valley and Dragonwake have been eerily quiet. The Bloody Sun Boyz thought a quick onslaught on Kadrin Valley would break the defenses of Karak-a-Karaz; the Oathbearers took the exodus from Thunder Mountain as a sign that the path to Black Crag was open. House Uthorin abandoned the drawn-out campaign in Dragonwake in hopes of breaking the morale of the defenders of Lothern by sacking Eataine; the Shining Guard mistook the breaking of the Druchii camp as a retreat and rushed to attack Caledor and cut off the Druchii ‘retreat’ – instead the overwhelmed the Dark Elves gaining an upper hand in Caledor while the Druchii reigned in Eataine. The tide of battle has taken an ironic twist. Now both realms’ armies sit at the gates of their enemy capitals while their own lay at peril. The time to strike at Karaz-a-Karak, Karak Eight Peaks, Lothern, and Malekith’s Fist is now. Read more…

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Battle of the Frontiers Guide

January 19, 2013 Leave a comment

Battle of the Frontiers Pageceat0301v1.9.0a consists of the Battle of the Frontiers live event. In a haphazard attempt to bring the battle to the heart of the enemy, the forces of House Uthorin, the Shining Guard, the Bloody Sun Boyz, and the Oathbearers have abandoned the fight in the central battlefields and pushed to the enemy frontiers near the capital cities – thus vastly overextending their supply lines without a firm hold on the center. Join your allies in this crucial fight to break the backs of the enemy forces! Read more…

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Battle of the Frontiers ~ Halls of Ekrund

January 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Outer GateThe struggle being waged across the frontiers of Karak Ankor and Ulthuan has sparked a renewed interest by the greenskins to breach the walls of Ekrund. As the battle over the ancient dwarven hold delves ever deeper into the Hold, new chambers open yielding new rewards for those worthy enough to reach them.

HoE RewardsThe Halls of Ekrund is a survival-mode instance located in Ekrund – surviving each stage yields different rewards that unlock ever more powerful tools of war. Expanded with the Battle of the Frontiers, players may now descend into the depths of the Halls of Ekrund and face fiercer waves of enemies as the struggle to claim new prizes ensues.

The first new set of rewards is the Tinder Flint for the forces of Destruction, and the Black Powder Fuse for the forces of Order – two items which will allow players to light volatile kegs of black powder in the heat of battle. The second set of rewards includes the Dwarven Gadget and Phoenix Key for the forces of Destruction, and the Broken Dwarven Rune and the Druchii Keys for the forces of Order – two items which will open new doors…

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