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Hypothetical Expansion 5: A Live Event!

July 25, 2010 1 comment

Scenario 5: Anniversary Live Event

The Possibility: As the two year anniversary approaches Mythic could possibly throw us a new live event, yay new content!

Live Event History: Live events happen every two months (well they use to) and the cycle is pretty much predictable. Starting with the games history our first post birthday live event is the Halloween related one which in 2009 was the Daemon Moon Rising and lots of masks! Two months later at the end of December/start of January we get Keg End and fireworks, yay! Come February and Valentine’s we show our love with the Night of Murder and collecting hearts. This leaves the Live Events for April and June to be something new, in 2009 they ushered in Land of the Dead. Ending the cycle we get The Wild Hunt as our anniversary event in August/September. And so it restarts – assuming Mythic doesn’t care to make something new.

The Pros: Well… we get a new Live Event finally after months of a dry run. Mythic dropped the ball on their promise to give us a new live event every two months when we failed to get a new one in April. Instead we got Weekend War-fronts, a poor substitute for live events.

The Questions to be Raised: Mainly one – is this worthy of all the hype that is leading the players to think we’re getting an expansion? If we get a live event and it isn’t ushering in a greater expansion then this balloon of hope is going to deflate in a matter of nano-seconds.

The Finances: A live event is highly unlikely to bring in new players unless it is specifically announced to bring in something new – like the Call to Arms chain brought us Slayers, Choppas, and Land of the Dead. IF we got a stand alone live event then more likely than not after the brief joy it gave players would begin to leave stating all hope was lost for new content for Warhammer.

Conclusion: A live event is not what the players want, and does not even merit being considered an expansion, yet with Mythic anything is possible. Give us a series of Live Events ushering in a new pairing, new cities, even a new dungeon, but do not just give us a live event and expect us to be content.

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