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What do the Red Dots Mean…?

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So in my Hypothetical Expansion 2 post I cited the map behind the developers  in the 1.3.4 grab bag and how people began to wonder about the dots behind the developers and what they could mean. Naturally they are cities/places of importance. After cross referencing some of the army books I think I’ve gotten the names for most of the dots…

Now since I don’t have any photo editing software I can’t label the map so I’ll try to go top -> bottom/left -> right

  • At the very top of the map you see half a circle just barely (above Nate’s nose). This is Salzenmund which is in Nordland (Destruction Chaos Ch4)
  • Off the map but in the video just above Nate’s head is Erengard, one of the three principle cities of Kislev
  • Dropping a click down and to the west we have L’Anguille, capital of the L’Anguille province of Bretonnia and also home to a Skaven under-city
  • East of that is Couronne, capital of the Couronne province and seat of the King of Bretonnia.
  • Moving directly east past the gulf and well into the Empire is Middenheim, capital of Middenland – a city carved out of the Drakwald Forest – home to one of the greatest concentrations of Beastmen hoards in the Empire
  • A tad to the north-east is Ferlangen in Ostland, where Destruction Chaos Ch5 is located
  • Just south of Ferlangen is Wolfenburg, capital of Ostland, where Order Empire Ch9 is located
  • Heading back west we go to the city at the mouth of the gulf, the free city-state of Marienburg
  • Traveling east between the ‘e’ of the and ‘E’ of Empire we have a dot which I cannot identify for sure. The Empire town of Delborz is located there and is my best guess.
  • Just east of the ‘E’ from empire we have Hergig, capital of Hochland and south-west of that Talabheim, capital of Talabecland
  • Heading back west to the map we have Mousillon, the capital of the small Mousillon province of Bretonnia (if you haven’t noticed already, the provinces of Bretonnia share the name with the capital)
  • North-East of Mousillon we have the bastion of Gisoreux, taking the brunt of the attacks from the Empire
  • Moving eastward back into the Empire we have three red dots descending from Northwest to South East pointing at Nate’s eye. North-west-most we have Carroburg, home of the famous Greatswords (the dudes in Altdorf with the fancy hat!) and then in the middle is of course Altdorf, and the lower of the three I believe is Castle Reikguard, although I am unsure.
  • Back west into Bretonnia is the port town of Bordeleaux
  • Heading east the next two dots are not Bretonnian at all. To the right of the ‘O’ is Black Chasm, a Skaven under-city, and by the second ‘N’ is Massif Orcal, a greenskin stronghold
  • East once more we have a triangle of dots. The top left dot I suspect is Helmgart, the Empire’s fort protecting Axe Bite Pass. The top right dot I suspect is Castle Drachenfels. And the lower dot of the triangle is Parravon, a Bretonnian provincial capital at the crown of Athel Loren – home of the Wood Elves.
  • East of Parravon, Nate’s nose points at Nuln, former capital of the Empire before the Waaagh! relocated it to Altdorf
  • Back west in Bretonnia is Brionne, a provincial capital and following the river east is Quenelles, a provincial capital of Bretonnia and the doorstep to Athel Loren (where many a Bretonnian ventures into the forest and is never seen again). Many of the Bretonnian campaigns into Athel Loren start at Quenelles.
  • Now heading east from Quenelles there are three dots forming a boomerang shape from Nate’s nose to his lips. The topmost dot I honestly cannot identify. Its too far west to be an Empire city so it must be a Wood Elf hold… maybe the Aerie of the Hawk Lords, but honestly I do not know. The middle dot of the boomerang is Karak Norn, a dwarf hold. And the eastmost of the boomerang dots is Bugman’s Brewery.
  • To the far west by Mike are two Estalian cities, the northern being Bilbali, and the southern one being Magritta
  • East into the lands of Tilea the top dot nestled between the mountains and the bay is Skavenblight, arguably capital of the Skaven.
  • Below Skavenblight is Tobaro, a capital of a Tilean city-state/province. East of Skavenblight across the Undead Marshes is Miragliano, another Tilean capital. Just southeast of that is Trantio, another Tilean capital.
  • Northeast of Trantio in the mountains is what I believe is Foul Peak, a Skaven stronghold.
  • Continuing east by Nate’s chin down to his shirt are three dots which I believe are from top to bottom Putrid Stump, a Skaven stronghold; Karak Izor, a dwarf stronghold; and Fester Spike, another Skaven stronghold.
  • Finally finishing off the Tilean city-state capitals going from west to east and north to south we have Remas by the sea, Pavona by the mountains, Verrezo to the south, and Luccini at the very bottom of the map.
  • Not pictured is the final capital Monte Castello just east of Luccini and south of Pavona (it would make a right triangle). Also not pictured is the capital of the pirate isle, Sartosa, which would be south west of Luccini.

So there you have it, for the most part the red dots are key cities and capitals of different factions – as for what they could mean for the future one could only guess. Mayhaps they will be new zones – if Bretonnia was released as a playable race the cities represented would certainly make sense.

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