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Eka’s Tier 5 – Empire v Chaos

Ok I admit it, I’m totally hung up on an additional tier OR hell just new maps in the existing tiers. New lands to explore please! So today I shall present the map of the Empire again, but this time with new additions!

Ok so lines removed for a clean view, I present my recommendation for new zone locations! We already know this map is a complete mess so tier 5 could exist anywhere and everywhere.

  • a. – Hell Pit: A skaven under-city – The Skaven have been drawn into the war by their Chaos overlords! From their northern city they pour out south and ravage Kislev!
  • b. – Erengrad: One of Kislev’s three large cities (with Kislev and Praag) and its key port – The forces of Destruction aim to deal a crippling blow to Kislev by cutting it off from the sea!
  • c. – Middenheim & Drakwald Forest: Capital of Middenland and a beastman infested forest – The tribes of beastmen have been rallied by the powers of Chaos and march out from Drakwald Forest striking into the heart of the Empire!
  • d. Bechafen (Ostermark) and Kislev: Capital of the Ostermark province of the Empire and the capital of Kislev – The beacons have been lit! Kislev is in danger! The sparsely populated northern frontier of the Empire is stretched too thin to hold back this onslaught!
  • e. Marienburg: Free city and port with ties to the Empire, has a significant skaven under-city – The Skaven have been drawn into the war and emerge from under Marienburg to overwhelm the city and give the forces of Destruction a southern port to flank the Empire!
  • f. Talabheim: Capital of Talabecland, a fortress city- The forces of Destruction have plunged deep into the Empire and lay siege to the fortress capital of Talabecland!
  • g. The Dead City of Mordheim: Skaven lair and city of the undead & vampires – The city of the Dead stirs, foul winds blow from the East. ‘Vampires’ is on the lips of the people and with it fear in their eyes…
  • h. Nuln: Former capital of the Empire subject to greenskin invasions through the weakened southern frontier – The greenskins have broken through the Black Mountains and push south at Nuln, former capital of the Empire!
  • i. Drakenhof Castle: Home of the Von Carstein Vampire Counts – The Vampire Counts have risen! Allied with the forces of Destruction they stab deep into the side of the Empire! From their home the undead cohorts march!
  • j. Averheim: Capital of Averland, home of the Knights of the Blazing Sun, a land subject to greenskin invasions –  Averland is being pressured by greenskins from the south! The Temple of Myrmidia must not fall if we are to keep the Knights of the Blazing Sun allied to our cause!
  • k. Wissenburg: Capital of Wissenland, a land torn apart by greenskin invasions –  The southernmost province of the Empire is being ravaged by greenskin hordes as they pour over the black mountains!

Obviously most of these candidates do not expand on the storyline with Chaos, but there is always room for introducing a new opponent which threatens the Empire.

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