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Eka’s Tier 5 – Dwaves v Greenskins

Before I launch into another colorful map of ‘I wish I could go there’ locations, I wanted to quickly redirect you to Gaarawarr Gab’s Transcript of the Q&A a few nights ago. Personally I didn’t find anything helpful in it – a lot of questions about SMs, Zealots & RPs and a few about WEvWH and Mauraders. In terms of the hypothetical future we’ve gotten a definite no on the other cities. -insert sad face- Some curiosities thrown out as maybes – player housing, more crafting, and barber shops! Yay for more fluff =P

Anyway, onward to the matter on hand! Today I would like to explore the realm of the Dwarves and the treasures that be hidden there!

As with the Empire map, the orange dots depict possible locations for T5 based off of key landmarks in the Warhammer World.

  • a. Karak Vlag – A lost dwarven Hold. Millennia have passed since it was last inhabited, who knows what dark creatures lurk there now. During the Great War against chaos the Hold was enveloped by Chaos powers and its entire population vanished. The High King has ordered an expedition to this inhospitable region to search for powerful weapons and ores to aide the Dwarven cause. No doubt the forces of Destruction will catch wind of this expedition…
  • b. Karak Ungor – A fallen dwarven Hold in the hands of Greenskins. With the war somewhat stabilized in the south, the Dwarves have turned their eyes north to a fallen Hold occupied by the Red Eye Goblins, the first Dwarven hold to fall. They hope to retake this hold and its valuable ore deposits and to prevent the Red Eyes from joining the Waaagh!
  • c. Gnashrak’s Lair – A greenskin lair. For too long have the dwaves been on the defensive in this war. It is time that they push north into the eastern edge of the Worlds Edge Mountains and strike hard at the Red Eye Goblins.
  • d. Karak Norn – A dwarven Hold (frequent invader of Athel Loren, no friend of the Wood Elves). The beastmen march from the north, the Skaven push from the south; inbetween lies Karak Norn, the largest hold in the Grey Mountains. If the dwarves can hold them, the Empire’s southern flank may hold out yet.
  • e. Karak Izor – A dwarven Hold. The skaven push from the west! They come in through the caverns into the mine shafts and threaten the city. The skaven plague must be stopped here.
  • f. Karak Hirn – A dwarven Hold. With the skaven pushing from the west and the greenskins from the south, Karak Hirn and the Hornhold will be put to the test.
  • g. Mt. Silverspear – Former dwarf Hold, seized by Orc Warlord Grimfang. Also called Mount Grimfang. Centuries have passed since Mt. Silverspear fell, now it is just a reminder of glory lost. East of Karaz-a-Karak along the Silver Road, the greenskin stronghold is too much of a threat to the capital. Retaking this hold from Grimfang would be a severe blow to the greenskins.
  • h. Crookback Mountain – Skaven under-city. With the skaven pushing in from the west at the Holds in the Black Mountains, and probing from the east, the Dwarves must strike first and attack this lair to ensure they do not get surrounded.
  • i. Mount Greyhag – A greenskin lair.  Deep into the Dark Lands lays a greenskin hold, the spawn of the woes of the Dwarves.
  • j. Karak Azul  – A dwarven Hold. The home of the Runesmiths and among the wealthiest Holds in the Dwarf Kingdoms has once again caught the eye of the greenskins. Who will win this war of attrition?
  • k. Karak Azgal – A fallen dwarven Hold. A once mighty and wealthy hold, fell victim to greenskins and foul beasts. However, it wealth was cleverly hidden away by powerful runesmiths and if the Dwarves can reclaim it, then perhaps its treasures could help them drive back the Greenskins into the Dark Lands.

Yes I know that most of the locations I cited are existing or fallen dwarf Holds, but it seems that these would be the key areas to fight for the Dwarves, that or take the war on the offensive. There are also some Holds I didn’t identify on the map (Zhufbar because its intact and relatively safe, Karak Varn because its in Empire lands) and a few off the map which could be potential locations but are SUPER far like Karak Drak which is in northern Norsca; Karag Dum which is in the Gotrek and Felix novels and is somewhere in the Chaos Wastes; Karak Zorn, lost Hold wayyy south in the Southlands, and random holds in the Mountains of Mourn.

In my mind the three Holds off the map (Karak Drak, Karag Dum, and Karak Zorn) and Karak Vlag and Karak Azgal would make perfect dungeons. As contested zones they would be harder to pass off as neither is really anyone’s home territory, but as dungeons they would offer locations to explore (not conquer) in seek of rare treasures. Irregardless, fighting over the lost Dwarven Holds would be epic without a doubt!

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