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A Simple Solution to AoE

August 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Today I wanted to briefly write about something which eats away at me – in Warhammer Online, AoE is king. It has been for a long time and despite any nerfs Mythic does it still comes out on top! There is a simple solution in mind which would not nerf the damage output of an ability per se, but instead nerf its AoE component if used in large settings.

Solution: Each ability does ‘x’ damage. You hit person A with this ability, they suffer ‘x’ (+ mitigation). You hit persons A + B with this ability then they suffer x/A+B. So the more people you hit with an AoE ability the weaker the damage. The damage total is the same, you can hit one person for 1,000 or ten people for 100. Simply make it so that the more targets an ability hits, the lower its damage per target.

This would end bomb groups and put skill back in the game. I am literally sick of seeing four bomb specced sorcs spamming Shattered Shadows and dominating whatever situation they are in. Yesterday for example two sorcs using this ability proceeded to gather around twenty death blows in Martyrs Square in Praag, the rest going to a choppa spamming Lotsa Choppin and Wild Choppin. Is this what Warhammer is about? Is this the definition of skill? I’m not going to call out destro and say they do it solely because I know there are order aoe-tards as well.   And this doesn’t go just for AoE damage, it also goes for AoE healing which is over the top. I suppose the only way to kill a buncha DoKs spamming their group heal is to bomb them with bright wizards. To me this is not what Warhammer is about. Bring skill back to Warhammer, fix AoE.

/end rant

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