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August 12, 2010 1 comment

So today I toyed around with the blog to look at different things I could slap on it to make it even more distracting when you read my mile long posts. So go on and check out the Blogroll, I’ve linked several blogs that I follow to spread the opinions of fellow WAR players. Hopefully I didn’t screw up and link the wrong links…

The truth is I’m buying time before I dive into my next chain of posts because although it is already formulated in my head its actually going to take a while to polish and publish. As I mentioned a few days back, after all the announcements regarding Skaven related stuff and different posts on the old forums about ‘this race vs that race’ me and a friend started a project about our own vision regarding who fights who and with whom they are doing the fighting. Essentially we are working on each archtype for new armies that can be introduced to Order and Destruction. This isn’t just the ‘wah I wanna see rats and play one that shoots lazers!’ but a more fleshed out class design, so it takes a little longer than said comment. For the most part I am ‘designing’ the classes alone now and bouncing ideas off two trusted friends for feedback on changes. So stay tuned and buckle up for a long ride!

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