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Going, going… gone!

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Auction houses that is. Mythic has announced that ability to create new auctions in the Auction Houses will be disabled in preparation for the 1.3.6 patch. This means one of eight things: 1)the patch is Saturday 2)the patch is Sunday 3)the patch is Monday 4)the patch is Tuesday 5)the patch is Wednesday 6)the patch is Thursday 7)the patch is Friday 8)the patch is still a ways away. Now I haven’t analyzed the results thoroughly yet, but I am confident the result will be one of these eight. More word on that when the patch comes out!

News tidbit #2: Sean Bosshardt has taken the time to write in his diary and tell us about how the vanity armor appearances will work. Check the link if you like and see the smile that launched a thousand ships, or take it from me – you can choose armor designs from armor¬† you’ve already worn. Ta-da! that simple. You haven’t worn it or never will wear it, can’t display it. Also the enemy can’t see you wearing devastator rags, sorry.

Last news tidbit: Black Fire Basin is back! One of my favorite scenarios because its just a open field with skull crushing. Yes occasionally one side can get camped (but what scenario doesn’t that happen in…?) but the heart of the scenario is a frozen lake where you just hurl your body at the enemy. Sure there’s an item to pick up and carry to your flag but 1) no one ever cares to do it, and 2) you don’t have to for the Weekend Warfront task! That makes this one of the best WW’s ever. What are the tasks on hand? Simple. Kill destro, but kill with equality! Do not discriminate, kill equally of every race. You do this you get – a self rez pot! a book of emblems! a medallion that shines!

In other news –

  • The debate over friendly player collisions (FPC) continues to rage on the forums, some people proclaiming that their very livelihood is ending!
  • Majorin reappears on the Gorfang forums blasting Blitz for the use of controversial add-ons such as Nerfed Buttons, Auto-focus, and no doubt Tome Titan. While Mythic has addressed the /assist add-ons and is aiming to disable them in the upcoming patch, dreadful news is on the horizon with the announcement that some pathetic soul has already made a new add-on that spams the ‘assist the main-assist’ key-binding. Learn to play scrub and make your own macro that you click or use the mouse – don’t let an add-on fight the WAR for you. Nerfed Buttons however is not under Mythic’s radar, hopefully given time they will change it and then hordes of ‘elite’ players will quit because ‘the game got boring’.
  • There has been a noticeable upswing in the populations of classes that were formally ostracized. Presumably due to the announcements made in regards to class changes many people have given these classes a second chance in anticipation of greener pastures after the patch. Try playing a scenario full of Blackguards vs Shadow Warriors and White Lions.
  • Many hearts are beating rapidly with the upcoming Cologne and Baltimore Gaming Convention’s and Carrie’s hint that big news is in store! The assumption is that whatever this big news is, it is slated for 1.4, and many have already said that this is the end-all patch for them. If Mythic doesn’t produce something to give hope for the future then the population may take another hit, but then again they say that for every patch and the WAR goes on. Looks like I have to beat Mythic to the punch and post my 24 classes before Mythic does!
  • If you haven’t patronized my fellow bloggers yet, go ahead and give them a glance! You may find they address issues that I don’t! Knowledge is but a click away!
  • In two weeks we can expect to see herds of deer roaming the plains of Warhammer. Thats right!¬† The two year birthday of Warhammer Online is coming up! This can mean many things, but one thing is for certain, it means the Wild Hunt Live Event is coming back! Some changes have been made to the Live Event since its last manifestation, such as the removal of the PQ in the RvR lake (which for me was the best part, oh how I loved turning allies into pigs!) Shmaybe we’ll be havin’ some rats to kill, eh?
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