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Friendly Collision Stays! & The Start of A Journey…

After reading a very long thread on the official forums, the devs have listened and despite the desire to improve client/server stability by removing friendly collisions, friendly collisions are in for 1.3.6! So they devs do listen eh…?

In regards to the direction of my blog, it is about to assume the form of an unstoppable beast. With some final polishing going on, I’m ready to start posting my ideas for the addition of six new armies (three per existing faction). The candidates I will present to you will be the Beastmen, the Bretonnians, the Lizardmen, the Skaven, the Vampire Counts, and the Wood Elves. I don’t plan on making many posts in between announcing news and announcements, unless its big, as I want to try to keep a linked chain of posts. Each army will contain five posts: an introduction ‘fan-fiction’ aka fluff narrative, and then that races tank, healer, rdps, and mdps. I do not intend to post damage or healing values for abilities because this does not interest me, naturally higher AP/higher Cool-down abilities are more effective.

Please keep in mind that any pictures, class names, and proper names I use are the intellectual property of Games Workshop. Class mechanics, ability names and descriptions are my brainchild, and that being the case I sincerely ask that any comments made are constructive, polite, and helpful. I do realize that some people have different visions for what character would better fulfill the roll of that archtype; however, these are my visions and comments about how ‘x’ would be better than what I’ve proposed are nonconstructive. Although it is highly unlikely that anything will come of these classes, it is something that I put much thought and passion into and would appreciate any constructive feedback to improve them in the hypothetical dream universe that they were ever implemented.

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