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Wood Elf Prelude Part II

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Summer, The Eternal Citadel

The zealot Tzylla walked toward Tchar’zanek’s throne room with Malekith and his black guards behind her, not a feeling she was entirely comfortable with. “Wait here while I announce you, sire.” She entered the throne room and was immediately met by the cold stare of her liege. “Lord Tchar’zanek, the Dark Elf King seeks your audience,” she said with a low bow.

“Show him in, and do not linger foul creature.” A look of disgust came across the Chosen Champion of Tzeentch’s face; he did not enjoy speaking with the Dark Elf King. Under any other circumstance he would have preferred to kill him, and had the High Elves stayed in Ulthuan then he would have no need for the alliance, but alone… he was not one to play against the odds. Not in this war. The door at the far end of the chamber opened and Malekith entered signaling his black guard to remind behind.

“Hail Champion of Tzeentch!” Malekith said with suspiciously fake warmth.

“Hail Witch King of the Druchii…” Tzeentch responded taking no effort to hide his annoyance. “To what do I owe today’s meeting, Witch King?”

“I come to bring news of your front in Praag.”

Greatly humored, “Why Malekith I did not know you stoop to the level of a scout, I am humbled.” Read more…

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