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Wood Elf Prelude Part II

Summer, The Eternal Citadel

The zealot Tzylla walked toward Tchar’zanek’s throne room with Malekith and his black guards behind her, not a feeling she was entirely comfortable with. “Wait here while I announce you, sire.” She entered the throne room and was immediately met by the cold stare of her liege. “Lord Tchar’zanek, the Dark Elf King seeks your audience,” she said with a low bow.

“Show him in, and do not linger foul creature.” A look of disgust came across the Chosen Champion of Tzeentch’s face; he did not enjoy speaking with the Dark Elf King. Under any other circumstance he would have preferred to kill him, and had the High Elves stayed in Ulthuan then he would have no need for the alliance, but alone… he was not one to play against the odds. Not in this war. The door at the far end of the chamber opened and Malekith entered signaling his black guard to remind behind.

“Hail Champion of Tzeentch!” Malekith said with suspiciously fake warmth.

“Hail Witch King of the Druchii…” Tzeentch responded taking no effort to hide his annoyance. “To what do I owe today’s meeting, Witch King?”

“I come to bring news of your front in Praag.”

Greatly humored, “Why Malekith I did not know you stoop to the level of a scout, I am humbled.”

Behind his helm a twisted smile appeared on Malekith’s face, “Oh but this news I must give you personally…” After a moment of deadly silence Malekith continued, “My scouts came upon one of your patrol’s outside Praag, your war there indeed goes well.” Waiting for Tchar’zanek’s expression to relax, just so he could take in the shocking change and revel in it, “An entire company of yours was butchered, no enemy corpses were found.” Malekith signaled and two of his black guards entered the chamber. One laying down a bloodied banner bearing the mark of one of Tchar’zanek’s elite companies, and the other laying down a corpse. The Champion of Tzeentch could not mask his anger and Malekith gave a twisted grin he hadn’t given in centuries.

“You said there were no enemy corpses…” Tchar’zanek said through his teeth. He knew the Dark Elf King would take advantage of this situation to the greatest extent.

“Yes, well I am not in the business of questioning corpses, I leave that to the Lord of Change. My scouts captured this one outside Praag. Alive.”

“Naturally you tortured him.”

“Naturally we tortured him. Naturally he didn’t talk.”

“So then what is the point you hope to drive home here Witch King?” Tchar’zanek asked, clearly annoyed.

Malekith kicked the corpse over revealing the features of the victim and its garb more clearly. “This is no human, dwarf, or High Elf, Tchar’zanek. Perhaps you have fought humans too long to recognize this foe, but allow me to enlighten you, this is a wood elf.”

“The wood elves are little concern of mine Malekith…”

“Your army is operating on a rather large front,  you are stretched thin and although you occupy the Empire well enough, this presence does not bode well for… our war.” It was particularly difficult to say ‘our’ when in truth Malekith cared not for the war between the Empire and the forces of Chaos, it only served its purpose  in that it pulled forces from Ulthuan. However, should the war be completed faster in the Old World, then his efforts in Ulthuan would be hampered. “If the wood elves enter the alliance with the Empire then the war would gain an unpredictable nature. As your loyal ally I suggest we address this issue before it becomes harder to deal with.”

“What do you propose? That I marched through the Empire to face a fae foe on the other side of the Empire? I would rather face them on the field and crush them like I crush all my enemies,” Tchar’zanek stated confidently.

“They will not fight you on the open field. I propose a solution that would take care of the problem on its own, without pulling from our forces.” Malekith waited for Tchar’zanek to ask more questions, he wanted to have all the answers for this conversation. Tchar’zanek sat still with an annoyed look on his face so Malekith continued, “There is an army which will take care of the wood elves for us, they simply need… proper encouragement.”

“Stop toying with me Dark Elf and say what is on your mind,” Tchar’zanek said, knowing that calling the Witch King a ‘dark elf’ would pour salt onto the disfigured Witch King’s wounds.

“The forests of the Old World are filled with beastmen hordes. Drakwald in the heart of the Empire is rumored to have the largest host, yet unseen.”

“You propose another mindless ally like the greenskins? I have no use for an ally I cannot control.”

Malekith picking up on the intent of Tchar’zanek’s last phrase continued in spite, “Loan me a zealot who can speak the tongue of the Beastmen, I will sneak them into the Drakwald with my assassins and raise an army for you to take care of the wood elf problem.”

“Athel Loren is a long way from Drakwald… and the forces of the Drakwald alone will not be enough to overcome the wood elves, but this host can prove useful in the side of the Empire…”

“Do not worry about the size of the host Tchar’zanek. There are dark forces at work among the beastmen… with a little help we shall have an army sizable enough to destroy Athel Loren  and aid you against the Empire.”

“Tzylla! Foul creature I know you lurk here,” Tchar’zanek bellowed. The zealot appeared from the shadows and bowed. “Take her.”

“A dangerous journey my liege,” Tzylla remarked bowing again.

“I dare not send someone of use. Go and do the Witch King’s bidding. Do not come back if you haven’t succeeded.”

“My thanks Champion of Tzeentch.” Malekith and the zealot turned to leave the throne room. A crooked smile came across his face, his plan had worked. As he neared the door Tchar’zanek called behind him,

“Do not think you have worked some trickery over me Witch King. I see what you are trying to do. Do not think that your success in Athel Loren will amend for your failures in Ulthuan.”

Malekith’s face assumed its usual angry-twisted nature. “Ulthuan is already in my hands, fight your war and I’ll fight mine.”

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