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Tree Singer – Wood Elf Healer

“Strange ones those Tree Singers… they spend all day wandering through the forest talking with the trees. Laughing, crying, yelling. They hardly talk with other normal elves. Few possess such a power to commune with the trees, but after seeing them I’m not entirely sure I would want that gift! Jealous? No I’m not jealous! Its just… they just seem so strange!” Anariel, Mage of Coeth-Mara

Tree Singer

Archtype – Healer/Support

Armor – Light Robe

Weapon  – Staff

Mechanic – Nature’s Ichor

  • You commune with the trees and harness their potent sap and use it to enhance your spells. You have ten Nature’s Ichor points which you can choose to use whenever you like to enhance the healing or damage of your spells by 10%. Out of combat Nature’s Ichor will rejuvenate once per every five seconds; in combat you have to channel a planted sapling for its Ichor.

Mastery Trees

  • Ariel – A focus on healing your allies
  • Drycha – A focus on damaging your enemies
  • Adanhu – A focus on mobility on the battlefield

R1. Healing Hand <Ariel> You place your healing touch on your target. They regain ‘x’ immediately. 40AP, 1s Cast NoCD, 150ft Range

R1. Ethereal Spear <Drycha> You hurl the anger of the forest at your enemy dealing ‘x’ corporeal damage. 30AP, 1s Cast, NoCD, 100ft Range

R1. Lifeforce of the Forest – Nature’s Ichor On/Off Toggle

R2. Weakened Limbs <Adanhu> You target your enemy’s ability to fight and cast a spell dealing ‘x’ damage and debuffing their initiative by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. This spell will continue to build while moving. 35AP, 1s Cast, 5s CD, 100ft Range

R3. Regenerative Power <Core Ability> Heals your target for ‘x’ health over 15 seconds.  30AP, Instant Cast, No CD, 150ft Range

R4. Burning Mites <Drycha> You send the creatures of the forest at your enemy causing them to take damage over 20 seconds. 30AP, Instant Cast, No CD, 100ft Range

R5. Nature’s Miracle <Adanhu> You have been given the knowledge of powerful restorative magics. Your target is healed for ‘x’. 50AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD, 150ft Range

R6. Sapping Energy <Ariel> You steal the very life from your enemy, dealing ‘x’ damage over 8 seconds and healing your target for 150% of the damage done. 30AP, 1.5s Cast, 5s CD, 100ft Range

R7. Away Invader! <Detaunt> You detaunt your target, making them to hate you less and causing them to deal 50% less damage to you for 15 seconds. If you attack anyone you have detaunted, the effect will immediately end. 20AP, Instant Cast, 15s CD, 100ft Range

R7. Ariel’s Blessing <Ariel> The Queen of Athel Loren guides your magic. You heal your target for ‘x’. 45AP, 2s Cast, NoCD, 150ft Range

R8. Divine Favor <Archtype Morale 1> A strong heal that will restore 1800 health to your target

R8. Protective Branches <Adanhu> You command the trees to shelter your target casting an absorb shield over them which absorbs ‘x’ damage for 10 seconds. 35AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD, 150ft Range

R9. Dycha’s Screech <Drycha> The branchwraith fills the very power of your magic. You deal ‘x’ corporeal damage to your target. 40AP, 2s Cast, No CD, 100ft Range

R10. Ichor of Life <Resurrect> Resurrects your target with 20% health. 20AP, 3s Cast, 6s CD, 100ft Range

R10. Strong Winds <Drycha> The spirits of the forest surround you with powerful winds making it harder for enemies to hit you. Your dodge and disrupt rate is increased by 50% for 10 seconds. 30AP, 1s Cast, 60s CD

R11. Blessings of the Asur <Racial Tactic> Your chance to defend against attacks is increased by 5%

R12. Rampaging Siphon <Archtype Morale 2> Deals 600 damage to all enemies within 30 feet, and heals group members within 100 feet for the full damage dealt.

R12. Song of Inspiration <Adanhu> You plant a Tree of Vigor! All allies within 100 feet regain 5 action points every 5 seconds while this tree is alive. 40AP, 2s Cast, 60s Duration, 60s CD

R13. Divine Fury <Archtype Tactic> You deal 25% more damage, but all of your healing becomes 20% less effective.

R14. Song of Vengeance <Drycha> You plant a Tree of Thorns! All enemies within 100 feet will take ‘x’ damage per second while this tree is alive. 40AP, 2s Cast, 60s Duration, 60s CD

R15. Gusting Winds <Tactic> Strong Winds will now apply to your defensive target as well.

R16. Cleansing Waters <Core Ability> You cleanse your ally of one curse or ailment. 35AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD, 150ft Range

R16. Steal Life <Archtype Morale 1> Your target suffers 900 damage over 9 seconds, and you are healed for half the damage dealt.

R17. Resilient Nature <Racial Tactic> Increases elemental resistance by 252

R18. Tree-Singing <Core Ability> You tap Ichor from your sapling. You regain one Ichor per second during this channeled ability. No Cost, 10s Cast, NoCD, 50ft Range

R19. Discipline <Archtype Tactic> Increases your willpower by 160

R20. Isha’s Memory <Ariel> You give thanks to the goddess of the elves and heal all group members within 100 feet for ‘x’. 65AP, 2.5s Cast, NoCD, No Range

R20. Focused Mind <Archtype Morale 2> For the next 10 seconds you will remove and ignore any silencing, disarming, rooting, snaring effects and your abilities will build 50% faster and may not be set back.

R21. A Song Riding the Wind <Tactic> Increase the range of your saplings by 50%

R23. Touch of Athel Loren <Racial Tactic> You have a 10% chance on death to be resurrect with 25% of your health.

R24. Divine Protection <Archtype Morale 3> Each group member within 100ft is surrounded by a protective shield for the next 10 seconds that will absorb up to 4500 damage from melee abilities.

R25. Subtlety <Archtype Tactic> All of your heals will cause enemy monsters to hate you 25% less than normal.

R25. Durthu’s Gale – The angry tree lord assists you despite his better judgment and slamming into all enemies within 30 feet, knocking players back a medium distance and knocking monsters down. Anyone hit by the gale is snared by 20% for 10 seconds. 40AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R27. The Echo Carries <Tactic> Drycha’s Screech will now hit two additional enemies within 25 feet of your target

R28. Funneled Anger <Tree Singer Morale 1> You knock back your target and snare them by 40% for 10 seconds

R29. Restorative Burst <Archtype Tactic> Anytime one of your direct healing effects critically heals an ally, you will regain 40 action points over 3 seconds.

R30. Nature’s Balm <Adanhu> You apply the essence of nature on your ally healing them over 8 seconds. This ability can be stacked three times. Each additional heal over time is half as effective but increases the duration by 2s. 40AP, Instant Cast, 1.5s CD, 150ft Range

R31. Overprotective <Tactic> Protective Branches absorb is increased by 400 and duration increased by 4 seconds

R32. Overflowing Ichor <Tree Singer Morale 2> All allies within 50 feet are healed for 300.

R33. Wisdom of the Ancients <Tactics> Increase intelligence by 80.

R35. Weakened Bones <Tactic> Weakened Limbs will also reduce toughness.

R35. Song of Endurance <Ariel> You plant a Tree of Life! All allies within 100 feet are healed for ‘x’ every second. 40AP, 2s Cast, 60s Duration, 60s CD

R36. To My Aid! <Tree Singer Morale 3> All enemies within 20 feet of you are staggered for 5 seconds

R37. Potent Ichor <Tactic> Upon resurrecting your ally, you consume one Nature’s Ichor but your ally is resurrected with 50% of their health

R39. Adanhu’s Sorrow <Tactic> If your sapling is killed, you regain full Nature’s Ichor.

R40. Boon of Yenayla <Core Ability> For every Tree Singer in your group you gain +5% healing for 10 seconds. 50AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R40. Alter Fate <Archtype Morale 4> Resurrects all groupmates within 30 feet. Anyone who is brought back from the dead will also be healed for 472 over 9 seconds, and they will deal 20% more damage for 10 seconds.

R40. Adanhu’s Gift <Core Ability> Removes one blessing from your target and applies it to your defensive target. 55AP, 1s Cast, 30s CD, 100ft Range

Mastery Trees


R3. Lingering Powers <Tactic> Ariel’s Blessing will also heal 250 over 5 seconds

R5. Strong as an Oak – You fill your target with the strength of the trees. Your target gains 50 wounds for 20 seconds. 45AP, 1.5s Cast, 1mCD, 150ft Range

R7. Ariel’s Guidance <Tactic> All in the path of Ariel will be .5s faster, but will cost 10 action points more.

R9. Aegis of Athel Loren – You cast a shield over yourself absorbing ‘x’ damage for 10 seconds and prevent any crowd control abilities to be effective on you. 40AP, 2s Cast, 60sCD

R11. Song of Vitality <Tactic> While your Tree of Life is planted, your chance to critically heal will be increased by 10%

R13. Holding Back Winter – You call upon the full might of the trees and their love for summer and heal your target for ‘x’ and heal an additional ‘x’ every second for 30 seconds. 65AP, 3s Cast,  NoCD, 150ft Range

R15. Eternal Summer <Morale 4> Heals entire group for 1800 health and gives them a 1800 absorb bubble


R3. Shield Breaker <Tactic> Ethereal Spear will also reduce your opponent’s chance to block by 5% for 10 seconds.

R5. Thorny Vines – You call upon the vines to embrace your target dealing ‘x’ corporeal damage to them and reducing their corporeal resistance by 100 for 10 seconds. 30AP, 1s Cast, 10s CD, 100ft Range

R7. Hatred Rewarded <Tactic> Any time you critically hit with an ability from the path of Drycha, your defensive target will gain 40 action points.

R9. Debris Flurry – You send a gust of debris at your enemy dealing ‘x’ corporeal damage to all enemies in a 60ft cone. 35AP, Instant Cast, 10sCD

R11. Song of Retribution <Tactic> While your Tree of Throns is planted, your magic power will be increased by +50

R13. Branchwraith’s Blast – You are taught the magic of the branchwraiths and hurl their magic at your target, silencing them for 4s. 30AP, 1.5s Cast, 10sCD 100ft Range

R15. Blood of the Wood <Morale 4> Damages your target and all enemies within 50ft of them for 600 and heals your group for 25% of the damage


R3. Reapply the Balm <Tactic> Natures Balm will now stack up to four times

R5. Tangling Vines – You call upon the lesser plants of the forest to aid your flight. Your target is snared by 40% for 10 seconds. This ability will continue to build while moving. 25AP, 1s Cast, 15s CD, 100ft Range

R7. They Come in Waves <Tactic> Away Invader will now detaunt all enemies within 30 feet of your target.

R9. Lost in the Fog – You call upon nature to assist you in battle summoning a cloud with a 30 foot radius which will debuff all enemies damage by 25% for 8 seconds. This ability will continue to build while moving. 35AP, 1s Cast, 15sCD, 100ft Range

R11. Song of Hope <Tactic> While your Tree of Vigor is up your allies will also gain +5 morale per second.

R13. Nature’s Siphon – Battle is no place to remain still! You heal your target for ‘x’ every second for 3 seconds.  This ability will continue to build while moving. 25AP/s, 3s Cast, 20s CD, 100ft Range

R15. My Life for Athel Loren <Morale 4> You transfer 50% of your total hit points and action points to your defensive target, you are surrounded by a 1800 absorb shield for 5 seconds. This ability can kill you.

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