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Waywatcher – Wood Elf RDPS

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“Dwarves, always the cursed dwarves… they came hacking and slashing our forests. No better than greenskins I say! They paid dearly for their transgression. When they waywatchers came upon them and began to rain arrows from afar and disappear into the trees, the rash anger of the dwarves lead them deeper into the forest as they pursued the waywatchers. Those poor dwarves stood no chance, they could not even get close enough to a waywatcher to throw a rock at him, let alone swing an axe. It was their own stubbornness that lead them to their death.” Volynnia, Waywatcher of the Pine Crags


Archtype – Range DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Bow and Sword

Mechanic – Naestrahan’s Retribution

  • Naestrahan’s Retribution is a dual pool of up to 10 ‘Retribution’ points on each half. Abilities from the path of the Mist Walker build retribution toward the pool of Arahan’s Fury. Abilities from the path of the Wood Hunter build retribution toward the path of Naestra’s Resolve. Abilities from the path of the Shadow Slider do not build points toward either pool but can consume them. Each tree has one core ‘Retribution’ finisher and one ‘Retribution’ finisher that can be specialized into; finishers consume the points.

Mastery Trees

  • Mist Walker – A focus on single target damage
  • Wood Hunter – A focus on damage over time abilites
  • Shadow Slider – A focus on weakening your opponent and melee attacks Read more…
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