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Wardancer – Wood Elf MDPS

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“In the still that is the forest, when all you hear are branches rustling in the wind, its hard to imagine the music that can be made when a company of wardancers ambushes an invading herd of beastmen. No, I do not speak of the beastly howls coming from the dying beastmen, I mean before that. Yes, when the wardancers leap through the air and swing their swords a music is made that cannot be reproduced with instruments or even my words. The blades make the music for the wardancers, and the song is beautiful!” Lemadril, Sage of the Queens Court


Archtype – Melee DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Dual Wield Swords

Mechanic – War Songs

  • Every dance needs music, and you let your swords create the music for you. Each song enhances your combat differently as you face off with your enemies and ambush them. Each song is a sixty minute buff that cannot be removed. Some abilities require that you are using a particular song.

Mastery Trees

  • Death Dancer – A focus on looking your enemy in the eyes and showing them the Song of Death
  • Blade Dancer – A focus on wearing your enemy down
  • Shadow Dancer – A focus on leaping from the shadows and attacking your enemy from behind

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