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Bray Shaman – Beastmen Healer

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“Dark beasts dwelling deep in the woods… no warherd is quite complete without its iconic bray shaman driving his warherd into a frenzy through dark magic. Their grasp over the dark Winds is a threat to us all, fortunately the creatures are not organized enough to make full use of their dark powers.” Konrad Herbutz, Altdorf Librarian

Bray Shaman

Archtype – Healer/Support

Armor – Light

Weapon – Braystaff

Mechanic – Herd Blessings

  • You channel the blessings from your herdstones and use them at key moments in battle to enhance your spells. While out of combat you will naturally build up ten points of Blessings, one per five seconds, which you can choose to use whenever you like to enchance the healing or damage of your spells by 10%. Blessings can be harvested in combat by collecting them from your herdstones.

Mastery Trees

  • Dark Winds – A focus on healing your allies with the dark magics
  • Blood Storm – A focus on bringing the dark magic down on your enemies
  • Shrilling Gale – A focus on moving with the winds and casting quick spells

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