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Bray Shaman – Beastmen Healer

“Dark beasts dwelling deep in the woods… no warherd is quite complete without its iconic bray shaman driving his warherd into a frenzy through dark magic. Their grasp over the dark Winds is a threat to us all, fortunately the creatures are not organized enough to make full use of their dark powers.” Konrad Herbutz, Altdorf Librarian

Bray Shaman

Archtype – Healer/Support

Armor – Light

Weapon – Braystaff

Mechanic – Herd Blessings

  • You channel the blessings from your herdstones and use them at key moments in battle to enhance your spells. While out of combat you will naturally build up ten points of Blessings, one per five seconds, which you can choose to use whenever you like to enchance the healing or damage of your spells by 10%. Blessings can be harvested in combat by collecting them from your herdstones.

Mastery Trees

  • Dark Winds – A focus on healing your allies with the dark magics
  • Blood Storm – A focus on bringing the dark magic down on your enemies
  • Shrilling Gale – A focus on moving with the winds and casting quick spells

R1. Tainted Blessing <Dark Winds> You bless your target with the dark winds and heal them for ‘x’. 45AP, 2s Cast, No CD, 150ft Range

R1. Twisted Lance <Blood Storm> You launch a bolt of dark energy at your enemy dealing ‘x’ corporeal damage.30AP, 1s Cast, No CD, 100ft Range

R1. Bestial Marks <Core Ability> Herd Blessings On/Off Toggle

R2. Binding Moss <Dark Winds> You apply the healing properties of the forest on your ally healing them for ‘x’ immediately. 40AP, 1s Cast, No CD, 150ft Range

R3. Mark of the Favored <Core Ability> Heals your target for ‘x’ health over 15 seconds.  30AP, Instant Cast, No CD, 150ft Range

R4. Blood Drain <Shrilling Gale> You cast a powerful spell on your enemy dealing ‘x’ corporeal damage every second for 12 seconds and healing your defensive target for 150% of the damage done. This ability will continue to build while moving. 30AP, 1s Cast, 5s CD, 100ft Range

R5. Sanguine Corruption <Blood Storm> You curse your targets blood causing them to take ‘x’ corporeal damage every second for 20 seconds. 30AP, Instant Cast, No CD, 100ft Range

R6. Champion’s Ward <Dark Winds> You cover your ally with the protective marking of the herdstone, casting a damage absorb shield over them which absorbs ‘x’ damage for 10 seconds. 35AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD, 150ft Range

R7. The Herd Needs Me! <Detaunt> You detaunt your target, making them to hate you less and causing them to deal 50% less damage to you for 15 seconds. If you attack anyone you have detaunted, the effect will immediately end. 20AP, Instant Cast, 15s CD, 100ft Range

R7. Cracking Skin <Shrilling Gale> Dark magic penetrates your enemies skin causing it to become brittle. You deal ‘x’ corporeal damage to your enemy and reduce their toughness by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. This spell will continue to build while moving. 35AP, 1s Cast, 5s CD, 100ft Range

R8. Divine Favor <Archtype Morale 1> A strong heal that will restore 1800 health to your target

R8. Steadfastness <Blood Storm> The dark winds can not move you, and neither can your foes. You enter a state for 10 seconds where you cannot be interrupted and everytime you are attacked you deal ‘x’ corporeal damage back to your attacker. 35AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R9. Bloody Bolt <Blood Storm> You hurl a powerful bolt of dark magic at your enemy dealing ‘x’ corporeal damage. 40AP, 2s Cast, No CD, 100ft Range

R10. Khorne’s Call <Resurrect> Resurrects your target with 20% health. 20AP, 3s Cast, 6s CD, 100ft Range

R10. Victim’s Plea <Shrilling Gale> The plea’s of your victims give your allies new life. You instantly heal your ally for ‘x’ health. 50AP, Instant Cast, 8s CD, 150ft Range

R11. Arrows Don’t ‘urt Us! <Racial Tactic> Your chance to Dodge enemy ranged attacks is increased by 10%

R12. Rampaging Siphon <Archtype Morale 2> Deals 600 damage to all enemies within 30 feet, and heals group members within 100 feet for the full damage dealt.

R12. Mark of Resolve <Shrilling Gale> You summon a Slaanesh Herdstone! All allies within 100 feet have their abilities cost 5 Action Points less while the herdstone is up. 40AP, 2s Cast, 60s Duration, 60s CD

R13. Divine Fury <Archtype Tactic> You deal 25% more damage, but all of your healing becomes 20% less effective.

R14. Mark of Decay <Blood Storm> You summon a Nurgle Herdstone! All enemies within 100 feet take ‘x’ damage per second while this herdstone is up. 40AP, 2s Cast, 60s Duration, 60s CD

R15. Rushing With The Herd <Tactic> The Herd Needs Me! is now an area of effect detaunt, detaunting all enemies within 20 feet of your target.

R16. Blood Purification <Core Ability> You cleanse your ally of one curse or ailment. 35AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD, 150ft Range

R16. Steal Life <Archtype Morale 1> Your target suffers 900 damage over 9 seconds, and you are healed for half the damage dealt.

R17. Matted Fur <Racial Tactic> Your elemental resistance is increased by 252

R18. Gather Blessings <Core Ability> You tap Herd Blessings from your herdstone. You regain one Herd Blessing per second during this channeled ability. No Cost, 10s Cast, NoCD, 50ft Range

R19. Discipline <Archtype Tactic> Increases your willpower by 160

R20. Khorne’s Reward <Dark Winds> Khorne blesses all who fight for him. All group members within 100 feet regain ‘x’ health. 65AP, 2.5s Cast, No CD, No Range

R20. Focused Mind <Archtype Morale 2> For the next 10 seconds you will remove and ignore any silencing, disarming, rooting, snaring effects and your abilities will build 50% faster and may not be set back.

R21. Blood Stones <Tactic> Your Herdstones will gain 100% health

R23. Thick Skulls <Racial Tactic> Challenges and Taunts only stack once on you

R24. Divine Protection <Archtype Morale 3> Each group member within 100ft is surrounded by a protective shield for the next 10 seconds that will absorb up to 4500 damage from melee abilities.

R25. Subtlety <Archtype Tactic> All of your heals will cause enemy monsters to hate you 25% less than normal.

R25. Braystaff Slam <Core Ability> You slam your braystaff into the ground causing a gust of wind to blow all enemies within 30 feet away, knocking players back  a medium distance and knocking monsters down. Anyone hit by the gust of wind is snared by 20% for 10 seconds. 40AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R27. Gushing Wound <Tactic> Blood Drain will last an additional 8 seconds.

R28. Rage of the Blood God <Bray Shaman Morale 1> Your group regains 150 Action Points and 100 morale over 3 seconds

R29. Restorative Burst <Archtype Tactic> Anytime one of your direct healing effects critically heals an ally, you will regain 40 action points over 3 seconds.

R30. Innocent’s Blood <Shrilling Gale> You pour the blood of the innocents over your allies, healing them for ‘x’ over 5 seconds. This ability can be stacked three times. Each additional heal over time is half as effective but increases the duration by 2 seconds. 40AP, Instant Cast, 1.5s CD, 150ft Range.

R31. Spine Jolt <Tactic> Bloody Bolt will also deal ‘x’ damage over 5 seconds

R32. Empowered Marks of Chaos <Bray Shaman Morale 2> For 10 seconds your Herdstones will be twice as effective

R33. Trembling Fingers <Tactic> Cracked Skin will also reduce your enemy’s Weapon Skill

R35. Chaotic Intellect <Tactic> Your Intelligence is increased by 80.

R35. Mark of Vengeance <Dark Winds> You summon a Khorne Herdstone! All allies within 100 feet regain ‘x’ health every second. 40AP, 2s Cast, 60s Duration, 60s CD

R36. Blood Gaze <Bray Shaman Morale 3> You root all enemies within 40 feet for 7 seconds.

R37. Dark Blessings <Tactic> Your resurrect consumes 1 Herd Blessing, but it is 50% faster

R39. Herd Rage <Tactic> If your Herdstone is destroyed, you regain full Herd Blessings

R40. Alter Fate <Archtype Morale 4> Resurrects all groupmates within 30 feet. Anyone who is brought back from the dead will also be healed for 472 over 9 seconds, and they will deal 20% more damage for 10 seconds.

R40. Morghur’s Blessing <Core Ability> Removes one blessing from your target and applies it to your defensive target. 55AP, 1s Cast, 30s CD, 100ft Range

Mastery Trees

Dark Winds

R3. Dark Essence <Tactic> Tainted Blessings will also heal 250 over 5 seconds

R5. Fortified Hide – You strengthen your ally’s resolve increasing their toughness by ‘x’ for 20 seconds. 45AP, 1.5sC 60s CD, 150ft Range

R7. Chaos Prevails <Tactic> All abilities in the path of Dark Winds will have a 5% higher chance to critically heal, but will cost 10 Action Points more

R9. Gore Bath – You bathe yourself in the blood of your foes, for 10 seconds you will absorb ‘x’ damage and be immune to crowd control effects. 40AP, 2s Cast, 60s CD

R11. Mark of Khorne’s Gift <Tactic> While your Khorne Herdstone is up, your healing power will be increased by +50

R13. Martyr’s Soul – You capture the soul of a brave enemy and convey it onto your ally, healing them for ‘x’ health. 55AP, 3sC, No CD, 150ft Range

R15. Red Tide <Morale 4> You heal your entire group for 800 and an additional 400 health over 4 seconds

Blood Storm

R3. Side Wound <Tactic> Twisted Spear will also decrease your opponents chance to parry by 5% for 10 seconds

R5. Bloodrage – Rage fills you as you deal ‘x’ corporeal damage to your enemy and reduce their corporeal resistance by 100 for 10 seconds. 30AP, 1.5s Cast, 10s CD, 100ft Range

R7. Dark Energy <Tactic> Anytime you critically hit a target with a Blood Storm spell, you are healed for 25% of the damage

R9. Lightning Storm – You summon the storm of the dark winds and hit all enemies in a 60 foot area for ‘x’ corporeal damage for 5 seconds. 40AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD, 100ft Range

R11. Mark of Pestilence <Tactic> While your Nurgle Herdstone is up, your chance to magically critically hit is increased by 10%

R13. Paralyzing Shock – You hurl a bolt of the Blood Storm at your enemy silencing them for 4 seconds. 30AP, 1.5s Cast 10s CD, 100ft Range

R15. Bleeding Cyclone <Morale 4> You summon a massive cyclone for 10 seconds dealing 500 damage to anyone withing 40ft of it.

Shrilling Gale

R3. Deaf Ears <Tactic> Victim’s Plea has a 3 second shorter CD and gains a 5 second HoT, but costs 10AP more

R5. Churned Mud – You cause the dirt under your enemy’s feet to liquefy and trap them in a Root for 10 seconds, if they break the Root, then they are snared by 40% for 5 seconds. This ability will continue to build while moving. 30AP, 1s Cast, 15s CD, 100ft Range

R7. Critical Bloodloss <Tactic> The final tick on Blood Drain is four times as strong

R9. Bestial Flurry – You send a gust of vile energy from yourself and create a 40 foot cloud that reduces the damage of any enemies within it by 25% for 15 seconds. 45AP, 1.5s Cast, 30sCD, 100ft Range

R11. Mark of Bloodlust <Tactic> While your Slaanesh Herdstone is up, your groups auto attack speed will be increased by 10%

R13. Stream of Blood – You channel the blood of your victims to your friendly target, healing them for ‘x’ every second for 3 seconds.  This ability will continue to build while moving. This ability cannot be used on yourself. 25AP/s, 3s Cast, 20s CD, 100ft Range

R15. Corrupted Winds <Morale 4> You debuff your target and all enemies within 20 feet of them for 10% of their strength, ballistics skill, and initiative for 20 seconds

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