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Ungor – Beastmen RDPS

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“Our patrol pushed into the deep of the forest, and I can tell you that the Forest of Shadows is no place to be in the dead of winter. We came upon a recently abandoned beastmen camp, most likely those that raided the caravan yesterday and killed everyone. We noticed a strange sight though, there were clear signs of campfires scattered across the camp, yet the camp was littered with frozen ungor corpses. No doubt the runts of the warherd are pushed far away from the warmth of the fire and succumb to the cold of winter. No matter, that much less of a problem for us to deal with.” Jurgan Fitzkarl, Captain of the Ostland Militia


Archtype – Range DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Bow and Sword

Mechanic – Forest Predator

  • You channel your bestial survival instincts and enter into a predatory state granting you different abilities in combat. While out of combat you have five Predatory Skill Points which you consume to use different abilities. While in combat you gain a point every thirty seconds.

Mastery Trees

  • Stalker – You follow your target from afar preferring long range bow attacks and stealth
  • Bleeder – You pursue your target on their heels preferring to do damage over time and to wear them down
  • Trapper – You set traps for your target to hinder them and their friends, and the use of quick melee attacks

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