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Ungor – Beastmen RDPS

“Our patrol pushed into the deep of the forest, and I can tell you that the Forest of Shadows is no place to be in the dead of winter. We came upon a recently abandoned beastmen camp, most likely those that raided the caravan yesterday and killed everyone. We noticed a strange sight though, there were clear signs of campfires scattered across the camp, yet the camp was littered with frozen ungor corpses. No doubt the runts of the warherd are pushed far away from the warmth of the fire and succumb to the cold of winter. No matter, that much less of a problem for us to deal with.” Jurgan Fitzkarl, Captain of the Ostland Militia


Archtype – Range DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Bow and Sword

Mechanic – Forest Predator

  • You channel your bestial survival instincts and enter into a predatory state granting you different abilities in combat. While out of combat you have five Predatory Skill Points which you consume to use different abilities. While in combat you gain a point every thirty seconds.

Mastery Trees

  • Stalker – You follow your target from afar preferring long range bow attacks and stealth
  • Bleeder – You pursue your target on their heels preferring to do damage over time and to wear them down
  • Trapper – You set traps for your target to hinder them and their friends, and the use of quick melee attacks

R1. Ashen Shaft <Stalker> You fire a stout arrow dealing ‘x’ damage to your enemy. 40AP, 2s Cast, No CD, 100ft Range

R1. Stolen Blade <Core Ability> You jab at your enemy dealing ‘x’ damage. 30 AP, Instant Cast, No CD, 5ft Range

R2. Prickly Arrow <Bleeder> You fire an arrow made with a barbed tip dealing ‘x’ damage to your enemy every second for 5 seconds. 25AP, Instant Cast, No CD, 80ft Range

R3. Gonna Cut Ya! <Trapper> You cut at your enemy dealing ‘x’ damage instantly and an additional ‘x’ damage every second for 8 seconds and reducing their toughness by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 25AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD, 5ft Range

R4. Aimin’ For Da Meaty Leg <Bleeder> You fire an arrow into your enemy’s upper leg dealing ‘x’ damage and reducing their run speed by 40% for 10 seconds. 25AP, 1s Cast, 15s CD, 80ft Range

R5. Dinna Trap <Trapper> You set up a spike trap hoping to catch some dinner! When someone activates your trap, it deals ‘x’ damage to all enemies within 25 feet. Requires 1 Predatory Point. 30AP, 2s Cast, 10s CD, 2m Duration

R6. Ma Sharpest Arrow <Stalker> You pick one of your best stolen arrows and fire it at your enemy dealing ‘x’ damage and reducing their armor by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 35AP, 1.5s Cast, No CD, 100ft Range

R7. I’m Not Fer Dinna! <Detaunt> You detaunt your target, making them to hate you less and causing them to deal 50% less damage to you for 15 seconds. If you attack anyone you have detaunted, the effect will immediately end. 20AP, Instant Cast, 15s CD, 100ft Range

R8. This Un Was A Rose! <Bleeder> You fire an arrow made from a thorny branch dealing ‘x’ damage every second for 15 seconds. 35AP, 1.5s Cast, 5s CD, 100ft Range

R8. Point Blank <Archtype Morale 1> A mid-range attack that deals 600 damage and knocks targeted player away. Monsters will be knocked down.

R9. Arrow Wid Pretty Feathers <Stalker> You launch and arrow with well made flights dealing ‘x’ damage to your enemy. 45AP, 1s Cast, 4s CD, 100ft Range

R10. Really ‘Ungry <Core Ability> For the next 10 seconds your attacks will do 20% more damage. 30AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R11. Arrows Don’t ‘urt Us! <Racial Tactic> Your chance to Dodge enemy ranged attacks is increased by 10%

R12. Unshakable Focus <Archtype Morale 2> A cold unyielding focus causes all of your attacks to deal 100% more damage for 7 seconds.

R12. Mud Stomp <Core Ability> All enemies within 30 feet become Rooted, making them unable to move for 10 seconds. Rooted targets have a 50% chance to break free when they suffer damage. 25AP, Instant Cast, 30s CD

R13. Expert Skirmisher <Archtype Tactic> Your abilities will cast 50% faster if you are under 20 feet from your target.

R14. Pointy Branches <Stalker> You fire off a stream of flimsy arrows at a rapid speed dealing ‘x’ damage every half second for 3 seconds. 25AP/s, 3s Cast, 8s CD, 100ft Range

R15. Dry Thorns <Tactic> Increases the duration of Prickly Arrow to 8 seconds and This Un Was A Rose to 19 seconds

R16. Stubby Arrows <Bleeder> You fire short arrows quickly dealing ‘x’ damage. This ability will continue to build while moving. 25 AP, 1s Cast, No CD, 80ft Range

R16. Concealment <Archtype Morale 1> With luck and experience you are able to Dodge all range attacks and Disrupt all magic attacks against you for 7 seconds.

R17. Matted Fur <Racial Tactic> Your elemental resistance is increased by 252

R18. Leg Nabba <Trapper> You set a trap designed to catch your prey. When someone activates your trap they are Rooted for 4 seconds, this root cannot be broken. Requires 1 Predatory Point. 35AP, 1s Cast, 5s CD, 1m Duration

R19. Masterful Aim <Archtype Tactic> Increases your Ballistic Skill by 160

R20. Focused Mind <Archtype Morale 2> For the next 10 seconds you will remove and ignore any silencing, disarming, rooting, snaring effects and your abilities will build 50% faster and may not be set back.

R20. Ma Nice Feathers  <Core Ability> For the next 15 seconds your range is increased by 10%. 35AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R21. I Found Dis Metal Shirt <Tactic> Increases your Armor by 400

R23. Thick Skulls <Racial Tactic> Challenges and Taunts only stack once on you

R24. Explosive Shots <Archtype Morale 3> All of your range attacks will explode for the next 10 seconds, dealing 300 damage to all enemies within 20 feet of your target. This effect will not trigger more than once every second.

R25. Clever Recovery <Archtype Tactic> If an enemy dodges any of your attacks, you will regain 75 Action Points. This effect will not trigger more than once every three seconds.

R25. Pig Gutta <Trapper> You get behind your target and brutally stab at them dealing ‘x’ damage and ignoring 50% of their armor. Target must be facing away from you. 35AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD, 5ft Range

R27. Rusty Cutta <Tactic> All melee attacks do 50% more damage

R28. I’s Paying Attention <Ungor Morale 1> For the next 10s your attacks cannot be blocked or evaded.

R29. Piercing Defenses <Archtype Tactic> If an enemy blocks, dodges, or parries any of your attacks, their chances to block, dodge, and parry will be reduced by 15% for 10 seconds.

R30. Gonna Git Ya <Bleeder> You hone in on your predatory skills and your deep hunger, increasing your speed by 20% for 15 seconds. Requires 3 Predatory Points. 35AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R31. No Wrong Way <Tactic> Pig Gutta no longer has positional requirements

R32. Precise Aim <Ungor Morale 2> 1000 damage to single target and an additional 500 damage over 5 seconds

R33. I’ma Quick Learna! <Tactic>  If one of your attacks is defended, your next attack is undefendable

R35. Losta Traps <Tactic> Increases the cooldown of Leg Nabba to 10 seconds, but it no longer costs Predatory Points

R35. Gonna Bury Dis Beehive <Trapper> You bury a beehive in the ground. When someone activates your trap it releases a swarm of angry bees that deal ‘x’ damage to all enemies within 30 feet for 20 seconds. Requires 2 Predatory Points. 45AP, 2s Cast, 20s CD, 90s Duration

R36. Gotta Git Out! <Ungor Morale 3> You deal 1200 damage to all enemies within 30 feet and stagger them for 5 seconds

R37. Maybe Deys Wasps? <Tactic> Increases the damage from Gonna Bury Dis Beehive by 33%

R39. Master Predator <Tactic> Predatory Points are accrued every 20 seconds now

R40. Hail of Doom <Archtype Morale 4> You focus on a spot on the ground, shooting arrows at that spot every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds, hitting all enemies within 20 feet of that area for 300 damage as long as you maintain your concentration.

R40. Dark Predator <Stalker> You enter your predatory state waiting for your prey to come near you. If you move or take damage this ability will end. Requires 5 Predatory Points. No Cost, 2s Cast, 1m CD upon leaving Dark Predator, 1m Duration

Mastery Trees


R3. Plenty o’ Wood <Tactic> Decreases the cost of all Stalker abilities by 10 Action Points

R5. Lung Piercer – You fire an arrow into your enemy’s lungs dealing ‘x’ damage. 40AP, 3s Cast, 5s CD, 100ft Range

R7. Trouble Breathin’? <Tactic> Lung Piercer deals corporeal damage

R9. Knee Strika – You fire an arrow at y our enemy’s knee dealing ‘x’ damage and knocking them down for 3 seconds. 40AP, 2s Cast,15s CD, 80ft Range

R11. Griffon Flights <tactic> 10% range increase

R13. Dark Blood Arrow – You notch your most vile arrow and deal ‘x’ damage to your target if they are under 20%, otherwise you deal ‘x’ damage. 35AP, 1s Cast, 10s CD, 100ft Range

R15. This Un Killed Pa <Morale 4> 3600 damage to single target


R3. I Smell Da Blood <Tactic> +15% damage if within 45 feet of target

R5. Ankle Biter – You fire an arrow into your enemy’s foot dealing ‘x’ damage every second they move for 10 seconds. 30AP, 1s Cast, 8s CD, 80ft Range

R7. I Run Fasta! <Tactic> Increases the speed buff for Gonna Git Ya to 30%

R9. Heart Bleeder – You launch a twisted arrow aimed at your enemy’s heart dealing ‘x’ damage and reducing incoming healing spells’ effectiveness by 50% for 10 seconds. 30AP, 1s Cast, 5s CD, 80ft Range

R11. Goose Flights <Tactic> Increases your chance to critically hit with range attacks by 10%

R13. Nerve Breaker – You fire an arrow with a dark poison on its tip dealing ‘x’ damage every second for 10 seconds and ending with a burst of ‘x’ damage. 35AP, 2s Cast, 10s CD, 80ft Range

R15. Centigor Blood <Morale 4> You deal 2000 damage over 10 seconds which ends with a 2000 Burst


R3. I Gots Losta Tricks <Tactic> Increases the area of effect range of traps by 10 feet

R5. Wrist Snappa – You smack your sword against your enemy’s wrist dealing ‘x’ damage and disarming them for 4 seconds. 40AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD, 5ft Range

R7. Silly Way to Die <Tactic> Anytime a trap kills someone you gain 100 Action Points and 200 morale, cannot proc more than once every 5 seconds

R9. Burried Rotting Manflesh – You bury some putrid flesh in the ground. When someone activates this trap it deals ‘x’ damage to all enemies within 40 feet and reduces their Initiative by ‘x’ for 15 seconds. Requires 2 Predatory Points. 40AP, 2s Cast, 15s CD, 60s Duration

R11. Pegasus Flights <Tactic> +50Range & Melee Power

R13. Gore Pot – You bury a pot of vile gore of unknown origins. When someone activates your trap, their build time is increased by 2 seconds for 12 seconds. Requires 2 Predatory Points. 40AP, 2s Cast, 5s CD, 60s Duration

R15. Brush Fire – You fire a burning arrow and start a fire dealing 1000 damage to your enemy over 10 seconds, on final tick spreads to all enemies within 20 feet

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