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Beastigor – Beastmen MDPS

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“Brutal creatures – half mean, half beast. You would think that their bestial nature would indicate a lack of intelligence, but no. Oh no, these are intelligent beasts. Try facing a group of bestigors clad in plate and chain-mail armor wielding a massive axe and you know that these creatures have enough sense to don proper armor and weapons. They may succumb to blood lust on the battlefield but they fight with the skill of any of our men-at-arms; it is an unfortunate trait that they are far stronger then our men-at-arms. No, if you see a beastigor do not assume he will bray at you and attack like a child of five years; no, these are seasoned veterans fed on the blood of our people.” Junitz Freibelg, Ostland Forest Guard


Archtype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Greataxe

Mechanic – Blood of the Gods

  • You apply the blood of a Chaos God to your blade enhancing it. But beware, no gift from the Gods is ever free, so you suffer a setback for each blood. Additionally, as the battle goes on, the blood from your blade drips into your wounds and mixes with your own. Should your body become dominated by a God’s Blood, you will be transformed into a mad being with no control over your actions for thirty seconds until you have exhausted the God’s blood lust.

Mastery Trees

  • Khorne – A focus on head to head combat with single target damage
  • Nurgle – A focus on wearing a target down, or hitting multiple targets
  • Slaanesh – A focus on weakening your enemies

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