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Beastmen v Wood Elf Campaign

“I had a dream that a terribly dark storm was on the horizon and it was moving toward Athel Loren. I saw lightning strike a tree and from the scar blood gushed forth, and from this blood Cyanathair the Corrupter was reborn. The forests of Athel Loren went from being covered in snowfall, to being covered in blood-washed snow. I fear what will happen to Athel Loren when this dark storm reaches our borders…” Excerpt from the Journal of Ariel, Queen of Athel Loren

So to conclude the Wood Elf and Beastmen storyline I wanted to put up maps, because I am in love with maps! So plotted out I’ve labeled tiers 1-4 using the standard set up that Mythic has and including my own additional dots for tier 5. This is all entirely hypothetical fluff considering 1) this pairing doesn’t exist and 2) the concept of tier 5 doesn’t exist. But for those who want to become more geographically aware….

Tier 1 – Laurelorn Forest & The Wasteland – The warherd of Drakwald sends a small contingent north to harass the Wood Elf community in the Laurelorn Forest while the main force heads to the Wasteland to prepare for an invasion of Marienburg.

Tier 2 – Marienburg Midden Moors – Marienburg is under seige from all sides! The Norse sail from the north and attack from the sea, the Skaven emerge from their underground city and strike from within, while the warherd of Drakwald led by Morghur strikes from the East. The Wood Elves and their human allies gather at the Midden Moors to relieve the besieged city

Tier 3 – Axe Bite Pass & Massif Orcal – The allies of the Wood Elves fortify Axe Bite Pass against the oncoming Drakwald warherd while winter seeps in, they must hold the Pass until spring if Athel Loren is to survive. While the forces of Order hold Axe Bite Pass, beastmen hordes from Bretonnia answer Morghur’s call and rally with the greenskins at Massif Orcal to attack Athel Loren from the west.

Tier 4 –

  • Drakwald Forest & Mirror Moors – The home of the Drakwald warherd and where Morghur has set up his base of operations. Further south-west are the Mirror Moors, a mysterious series of lakes in the Drakwald that are somehow being used for foul purposes by Morghur
  • Parravon, The North Sentinels, & The Hills of the Dead – Whether Parravon wills it or not, upon its walls the herds of the northern Old World will clash. The heavily defended city has not seen an onslaught of this magnitude since the time of Gilles. Farther south the Eternal Guard sets up a desperate defense at the Northern Sentinels trying to hold back the hordes while Winter comes to a close; the Eternal Guard must hold until Spring! To the east the beastmen send a warherd across the Grey Mountains from the  southern reaches of the Empire. Foul magics stir with the approaching beastmen host as the Hills of the Dead stir once more.
  • Deep Forests of Durthu & The Oak of Ages – The Wood Elves draw the Beastmen warherd deep into Athel Loren stretching their herd thin and ambushing them from the sides. Spring has come and in the Deep Forests of Durthu the treekin are ready to strike back. From her court at the Oak of Ages, Arielle watches the progress of the struggle as the beastmen assail Athel Loren from all sides.

Dungeon – The Wild Wood – The darkest part of Athel Loren where even the Wood Elves dare not venture. Here creatures tainted by Cyanathair’s dark blood such as Coeddil are imprisoned. (Technically this would work best in Tier 5)

Tier 5 –

  • a. Waterfall Palace of the Naiad Court – The forces of Chaos seek to attack the Naiad Court and draw the treekin away from the war so the Wood Elves are alone in their struggle.
  • b. Vaults of Winter – Beastmen herds answer Morghur’s call and climb over the Grey Mountains from the southern Empire and assail the eastern edge of Athel Loren
  • c. Halls of Anaereth & Mirror Pools of Ithorien – The beastmen assail Athel Loren from the west through Bretonnia and aim to taint the Mirror Pools of Ithorien with dark corrupting magic.
  • d. Eyrie of the Hawk Lords – High in the mountains the Waywatchers keep a silent vigil looking east for unwelcome travelers. Though no friends of the dwarves, the greenskin invasion through the Empire into Karak Norn has spilled over into Athel Loren and the Wood Elves must fight with the dwarves to fend off this foe.
  • e. Vaul’s Anvil – Here the many enchanted weapons of the Wood Elves are made, and here Malekith will strike with spite for the gods of the Elves
  • f. Bridge of Birds & Crag Halls of Findol – A greenskin invasion of Karak Norn has spilled over into Athel Loren and seeks to gain control of the Bridge of Birds as to strike the Oak of Ages from the east.
  • g. Castle Carrard & The Western Sentinels – The Bretonnians and Wood Elves gather for the defense of the south western approach to Athel Loren
  • h. Tears of Isha – The river gives life to Athel Loren, and the forces of Destruction seek to tarnish it at its source. A vile host of beastmen, greenskins, and skaven assaults the Tears of Isha.
  • i. Ruins of Castle Fulk & Halls of Equos – An undead host stirs in eastern Bretonnia and under the command of its lichmaster marches on south western Athel Loren
  • j. Kings Glade – The very Court of Orion is under siege by vile creatures!
  • k. Pine Crags – A skaven host seeks to join the beastmen assault on Athel Loren and marches from its underground lairs at Putrid Stump
  • l. The Meadow Glades – The skaven march through the black mountains from Foul Peak and wreck destruction on the open meadows aiming to split the Wood Elf forces
  • m. The Vaults – The Wood Elves only hope of stopping the skaven onslaught is to ally with the dwarves of Karak Izor and assault the skaven lairs Putrid Stump and Fester Spike in the Vaults of the Black Mountains.
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