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Saurus – Lizardmen Tank

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“Deep in the pyramids of the lizardmen cities lay the saurus barracks. A network of tunnels span the inner pyramid emerging to concealed openings on the outside. Any invader attempting to scale a pyramid of a mage-priest will be met every step by the vicious saurus temple guards. These fearsome warriors are a sight sure to make ones blood run cold, much like their own.” Artio Vengetti, Tilean Explorer


Archtype – Tank

Armor – Heavy

Weapon – Sword/Axe & Shield or Great Weapon

Mechanic – Piercing Shrills

  • You give out a Reptilian Shrill either rallying your allies or demoralizing your opponents. The longer you are in combat, the hotter your blood gets until it gets too hot and you release a Piercing Shrill. Each Reptilian Shrill lasts thirty seconds, during this time while in combat your Cold-Blooded Meter will rise – should it reach its maximum level, your Reptilian Shrill will turn into a burst Piercing Shrill and the buff will go away. Reapplying a new shrill will reset your Cold-Blooded meter.

Mastery Trees

  • Quetzl – A path focused on offensive attacks and increasing your allies fighting power
  • Tlazcotl – A path focused on defensive attacks and increasing your allies survivability
  • Chotec – A path focused on debuffing attacks and decreasing your enemies fighting power

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