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Skink Shaman – Lizardmen Healer

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“A strange class the Skink Shaman are… they believe that their minor grasp of the powers that the Slann wield leads them to be superior to all other lizardmen, with the exception of the Slann of course. They like to separate themselves from other skinks in the skink barrios and form an elite society of their own. Nevertheless, their small stature and knowledge of magic makes them a welcome companion in any battle, now if only they didn’t think themselves so much better than the rest of us!” Melunir Tycalis, Librarian of Lothern

Skink Shaman

Archtype – Healer/Support

Armor – Light

Weapon – Dagger and Totem

Mechanic – Old Ones’ Auspices

  • You serve as a conduit between the time of the Old Ones and the present casting blessings on your allies to aid them against your foes. Because your link with the Old Ones is so tenuous, these blessings are small bursts of their former power. Each group member may only have one offensive and one defensive auspice.

Mastery Trees

  • Tzunhi – You channel the energy of the God of Water and use water as a healing force
  • Sotec – You channel the energy of the God of Vengeance and use its powers for damaging spells
  • Tepok – You use the God of Air as a conduit to the past where you channel blessings for your allies

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