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Chameleon Skink – Lizardmen RDPS

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“The creatures spend hours in the jungle gathering potent poisons from plants and animals, setting traps, stalking their prey. Due to the nature of their skin one can walk but a few feet near them and never notice their presence. They are indeed among the greatest and most persistent hunters I have ever seen – I would dread to be the target of their darts!” Juan de Bilbao, Soldier of the 4th Expedition to the New World

Chameleon Skink

Archtype – Range DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Blowgun and Daggeer

Mechanic – Jungle Stalker

  • Trained in the dense jungles of Lustria, you excel at hunting your pray from afar and from up close. Your skill allows you to gain different skills in combat. While out of combat you have five stalker points which you can use to access special abilities. While in combat you gain a point every thirty seconds

Mastery Trees

  • Oxatyotl – You follow your target from afar preferring long range attacks and stealth
  • Inxi-Hunizi – You pursue your target closely preferring poisons to weaken them and speed
  • Itzi-Bitzi – You prefer to set traps to weakenyour target and to finish them off up close in person

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