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Beastmen Prelude Part II

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Late Autumn, Athel Loren

A great council had convened at a glade near the Queen’s court. Representatives were present from all kindreds, but their role here was to listen, not to advise. Shocking reports had been delivered to the Oak of Ages and Kings Glade. Seated in a circle around a large rock slab which served as a table were a few dozen wood elves of different ranks and importance. Of note were the old warrior Sceolan and the waywatcher of legendary repute, Scarloc. Although outside, the trees formed a tight-knit canopy and wall around the glade, thus ensuring that what was said inside would not reach the wrong ears. Dozens of quiet conversations were being carried out about the ill tidings and what they meant for Athel Loren. It was Scarloc with his keen eyes who noticed Ariel and Orion already seated at the table, apparently they slipped in unnoticed and quietly sat waiting for the right moment to begin.

“Greetings Queen Ariel and King Orion!” Scarloc said loudly, standing up quickly. Others followed suit to show their respect.

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Beastmen Prelude Part I

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Late Summer, Drakwald Forest

The group of five sat huddled around a small fire, trying to capture what little warmth it would provide. Tzylla cracked a small dry twig and threw it into the fire; it was quickly consumed releasing a small burst of warmth.

“Keep it small!” an assassin hissed at her. “Do you want to bring death upon us zealot?! You have the gall to draw attention to us when we are in the heart of the Empire!”

It may be summer, but here in the Drakwald… its another world, a world where warmth and light do not kiss the ground. And that was during the day. A creature of the Chaos Wastes she should have been use to it, but this was a different cold, the cold of night and the cold of fear. It would have even been a comfort to feel the moonlight, but alas, even the light fears the Drakwald.

Tchar’zanek had handed Tzylla over to Malakith to go on a suicide mission into the heart of the Drakwald to incite the Beastmen on a blood-march to Athel Loren. Malekith’s intentions were clear, he hated the High Elves, and his failures in Ulthuan sparked an insane plot to seek vengeance elsewhere and strike at the Wood Elves. No army to spare he concocted a plan to sneak Tzylla and his minions into the war-torn Empire.

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Wardancer – Wood Elf MDPS

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“In the still that is the forest, when all you hear are branches rustling in the wind, its hard to imagine the music that can be made when a company of wardancers ambushes an invading herd of beastmen. No, I do not speak of the beastly howls coming from the dying beastmen, I mean before that. Yes, when the wardancers leap through the air and swing their swords a music is made that cannot be reproduced with instruments or even my words. The blades make the music for the wardancers, and the song is beautiful!” Lemadril, Sage of the Queens Court


Archtype – Melee DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Dual Wield Swords

Mechanic – War Songs

  • Every dance needs music, and you let your swords create the music for you. Each song enhances your combat differently as you face off with your enemies and ambush them. Each song is a sixty minute buff that cannot be removed. Some abilities require that you are using a particular song.

Mastery Trees

  • Death Dancer – A focus on looking your enemy in the eyes and showing them the Song of Death
  • Blade Dancer – A focus on wearing your enemy down
  • Shadow Dancer – A focus on leaping from the shadows and attacking your enemy from behind

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Waywatcher – Wood Elf RDPS

August 18, 2010 Leave a comment

“Dwarves, always the cursed dwarves… they came hacking and slashing our forests. No better than greenskins I say! They paid dearly for their transgression. When they waywatchers came upon them and began to rain arrows from afar and disappear into the trees, the rash anger of the dwarves lead them deeper into the forest as they pursued the waywatchers. Those poor dwarves stood no chance, they could not even get close enough to a waywatcher to throw a rock at him, let alone swing an axe. It was their own stubbornness that lead them to their death.” Volynnia, Waywatcher of the Pine Crags


Archtype – Range DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Bow and Sword

Mechanic – Naestrahan’s Retribution

  • Naestrahan’s Retribution is a dual pool of up to 10 ‘Retribution’ points on each half. Abilities from the path of the Mist Walker build retribution toward the pool of Arahan’s Fury. Abilities from the path of the Wood Hunter build retribution toward the path of Naestra’s Resolve. Abilities from the path of the Shadow Slider do not build points toward either pool but can consume them. Each tree has one core ‘Retribution’ finisher and one ‘Retribution’ finisher that can be specialized into; finishers consume the points.

Mastery Trees

  • Mist Walker – A focus on single target damage
  • Wood Hunter – A focus on damage over time abilites
  • Shadow Slider – A focus on weakening your opponent and melee attacks Read more…
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Tree Singer – Wood Elf Healer

August 17, 2010 Leave a comment

“Strange ones those Tree Singers… they spend all day wandering through the forest talking with the trees. Laughing, crying, yelling. They hardly talk with other normal elves. Few possess such a power to commune with the trees, but after seeing them I’m not entirely sure I would want that gift! Jealous? No I’m not jealous! Its just… they just seem so strange!” Anariel, Mage of Coeth-Mara

Tree Singer

Archtype – Healer/Support

Armor – Light Robe

Weapon  – Staff

Mechanic – Nature’s Ichor

  • You commune with the trees and harness their potent sap and use it to enhance your spells. You have ten Nature’s Ichor points which you can choose to use whenever you like to enhance the healing or damage of your spells by 10%. Out of combat Nature’s Ichor will rejuvenate once per every five seconds; in combat you have to channel a planted sapling for its Ichor.

Mastery Trees

  • Ariel – A focus on healing your allies
  • Drycha – A focus on damaging your enemies
  • Adanhu – A focus on mobility on the battlefield Read more…
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Eternal Guard – Wood Elf Tank

August 16, 2010 3 comments

“Escort? Why would a spellsinger need an escort I thought. It wasn’t until the ambush at the glade that I realized the value of the Eternal Guards. Hordes of greenskins crashed down on us, fended off by shield and spear-stave. Outnumbered ten to one, those noble warriors exemplified true valor.” -Cyleal, Sole Survivor of the Battle of The Emerald Glade

Eternal Guard

Archtype – Tank

Armor – Heavy

Weapon – Spear-Stave or Sword and Shield

Mechanic – Nature’s Wards

  • Nature’s Wrath is a pool numbering from 0-100. Nature’s Wrath builds at 1/second in combat, 1/each attack, and 2/each time you are attacked. At 100 Nature’s Wrath you may enable a Ward of Nature expending all of your Wrath.
  1. Ward of Kurunos – +70 Weapon Skill at rank 40, and +2/mastery point in the corresponding mastery tree for a maximum of +100 Weapon Skill. 4m Duration, 5m cooldown.
  2. Ward of Oakenheart – +70 Initiative at rank 40, and +2/mastery point in the corresponding mastery tree for a maximum of +100 Initiative. 4m Duration, 5m cooldown.
  3. Ward of the Wild Wood – +70 Toughness at rank 40, and +2/mastery point in the corresponding mastery tree for a maximum of +100 Toughness. 4m Duration, 5m cooldown.

Mastery Trees

  • Kurunos – A focus on offensive attacks
  • Oakenheart – A focus on defensive attacks
  • Wild Wood – A focus on debuffing and wearing down your enemies.

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Wood Elf Prelude Part II

August 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Summer, The Eternal Citadel

The zealot Tzylla walked toward Tchar’zanek’s throne room with Malekith and his black guards behind her, not a feeling she was entirely comfortable with. “Wait here while I announce you, sire.” She entered the throne room and was immediately met by the cold stare of her liege. “Lord Tchar’zanek, the Dark Elf King seeks your audience,” she said with a low bow.

“Show him in, and do not linger foul creature.” A look of disgust came across the Chosen Champion of Tzeentch’s face; he did not enjoy speaking with the Dark Elf King. Under any other circumstance he would have preferred to kill him, and had the High Elves stayed in Ulthuan then he would have no need for the alliance, but alone… he was not one to play against the odds. Not in this war. The door at the far end of the chamber opened and Malekith entered signaling his black guard to remind behind.

“Hail Champion of Tzeentch!” Malekith said with suspiciously fake warmth.

“Hail Witch King of the Druchii…” Tzeentch responded taking no effort to hide his annoyance. “To what do I owe today’s meeting, Witch King?”

“I come to bring news of your front in Praag.”

Greatly humored, “Why Malekith I did not know you stoop to the level of a scout, I am humbled.” Read more…

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Wood Elf Prelude Part I

August 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Athel Loren, Spring

Sceolan nodded as he passed the Eternal Guard at the entrance of the Oak of the Ages. Ariel, Queen of the Forest, had summoned him, and the messenger made it sound rather urgent. The old warrior knew that to be summoned to the Court of the Queen meant that something of concern was indeed on her mind. He entered a large hall elaborately built into the tree and saw the Queen looking over a large table already in council with Ythril, captain of the Waywatchers.

“My Queen! I received your summons and came with all haste!”

“Ah Sceolan, my dear friend, indeed I require your council. Come join me and Ythril.”

Sceolan approached the table and spotted a sight rare in Athel Loren, a map of the Old World. Silver pins were stuck into various locations. The sight troubled Sceolan. “I trust my Queen has no desires for expansion,” Sceolan said with a nervous laugh, although knowing of the current strife in the Empire his suspicions lay elsewhere.

“No,” Ariel laughed, “Athel Loren is a realm large enough for my content. Jests aside, grave matters are on hand. You know of the war that is being waged in the lands of the Empire and the Worlds Edge Mountains…”

“Naturally I do, my Queen,” Sceolan replied, hesitant to state his assumptions as to the direction of the conversation.

“It does not take a mage to see that you are worried and being a mage I already know what you are worried about. I do not seek to hide my intentions with eloquent language and try to trick you old friend. A war for the very survival of order as we know it is being waged in the east. The alliance led by Karl Franz cannot hold out much longer against the hordes of Chaos. The High Elves are weakened, the Dwarves are weakened, the Empire is torn by internal strife… and dark forces stir from within threatening to swallow the land.” Read more…

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Friendly Collision Stays! & The Start of A Journey…

August 14, 2010 Leave a comment

After reading a very long thread on the official forums, the devs have listened and despite the desire to improve client/server stability by removing friendly collisions, friendly collisions are in for 1.3.6! So they devs do listen eh…?

In regards to the direction of my blog, it is about to assume the form of an unstoppable beast. With some final polishing going on, I’m ready to start posting my ideas for the addition of six new armies (three per existing faction). The candidates I will present to you will be the Beastmen, the Bretonnians, the Lizardmen, the Skaven, the Vampire Counts, and the Wood Elves. I don’t plan on making many posts in between announcing news and announcements, unless its big, as I want to try to keep a linked chain of posts. Each army will contain five posts: an introduction ‘fan-fiction’ aka fluff narrative, and then that races tank, healer, rdps, and mdps. I do not intend to post damage or healing values for abilities because this does not interest me, naturally higher AP/higher Cool-down abilities are more effective.

Please keep in mind that any pictures, class names, and proper names I use are the intellectual property of Games Workshop. Class mechanics, ability names and descriptions are my brainchild, and that being the case I sincerely ask that any comments made are constructive, polite, and helpful. I do realize that some people have different visions for what character would better fulfill the roll of that archtype; however, these are my visions and comments about how ‘x’ would be better than what I’ve proposed are nonconstructive. Although it is highly unlikely that anything will come of these classes, it is something that I put much thought and passion into and would appreciate any constructive feedback to improve them in the hypothetical dream universe that they were ever implemented.

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Going, going… gone!

August 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Auction houses that is. Mythic has announced that ability to create new auctions in the Auction Houses will be disabled in preparation for the 1.3.6 patch. This means one of eight things: 1)the patch is Saturday 2)the patch is Sunday 3)the patch is Monday 4)the patch is Tuesday 5)the patch is Wednesday 6)the patch is Thursday 7)the patch is Friday 8)the patch is still a ways away. Now I haven’t analyzed the results thoroughly yet, but I am confident the result will be one of these eight. More word on that when the patch comes out!

News tidbit #2: Sean Bosshardt has taken the time to write in his diary and tell us about how the vanity armor appearances will work. Check the link if you like and see the smile that launched a thousand ships, or take it from me – you can choose armor designs from armor  you’ve already worn. Ta-da! that simple. You haven’t worn it or never will wear it, can’t display it. Also the enemy can’t see you wearing devastator rags, sorry.

Last news tidbit: Black Fire Basin is back! One of my favorite scenarios because its just a open field with skull crushing. Yes occasionally one side can get camped (but what scenario doesn’t that happen in…?) but the heart of the scenario is a frozen lake where you just hurl your body at the enemy. Sure there’s an item to pick up and carry to your flag but 1) no one ever cares to do it, and 2) you don’t have to for the Weekend Warfront task! That makes this one of the best WW’s ever. What are the tasks on hand? Simple. Kill destro, but kill with equality! Do not discriminate, kill equally of every race. You do this you get – a self rez pot! a book of emblems! a medallion that shines!

In other news –

  • The debate over friendly player collisions (FPC) continues to rage on the forums, some people proclaiming that their very livelihood is ending!
  • Majorin reappears on the Gorfang forums blasting Blitz for the use of controversial add-ons such as Nerfed Buttons, Auto-focus, and no doubt Tome Titan. While Mythic has addressed the /assist add-ons and is aiming to disable them in the upcoming patch, dreadful news is on the horizon with the announcement that some pathetic soul has already made a new add-on that spams the ‘assist the main-assist’ key-binding. Learn to play scrub and make your own macro that you click or use the mouse – don’t let an add-on fight the WAR for you. Nerfed Buttons however is not under Mythic’s radar, hopefully given time they will change it and then hordes of ‘elite’ players will quit because ‘the game got boring’.
  • There has been a noticeable upswing in the populations of classes that were formally ostracized. Presumably due to the announcements made in regards to class changes many people have given these classes a second chance in anticipation of greener pastures after the patch. Try playing a scenario full of Blackguards vs Shadow Warriors and White Lions.
  • Many hearts are beating rapidly with the upcoming Cologne and Baltimore Gaming Convention’s and Carrie’s hint that big news is in store! The assumption is that whatever this big news is, it is slated for 1.4, and many have already said that this is the end-all patch for them. If Mythic doesn’t produce something to give hope for the future then the population may take another hit, but then again they say that for every patch and the WAR goes on. Looks like I have to beat Mythic to the punch and post my 24 classes before Mythic does!
  • If you haven’t patronized my fellow bloggers yet, go ahead and give them a glance! You may find they address issues that I don’t! Knowledge is but a click away!
  • In two weeks we can expect to see herds of deer roaming the plains of Warhammer. Thats right!  The two year birthday of Warhammer Online is coming up! This can mean many things, but one thing is for certain, it means the Wild Hunt Live Event is coming back! Some changes have been made to the Live Event since its last manifestation, such as the removal of the PQ in the RvR lake (which for me was the best part, oh how I loved turning allies into pigs!) Shmaybe we’ll be havin’ some rats to kill, eh?
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