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Skaven Prelude Part I

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Summer, Black Mountains

“Oy, gobbos arn’t made for dis kinda work, eh Scragz?” one goblin said bracing his lower back.

“Well meybe if ya hadn’t let da orcz eat da stunties who were doin’ da diggin’ for us den we wouldn’t be diggin’ nows, eh Greentoof?” Scragz replied.

“Wes gotta make da orcz git back ta werk so we dont have ta dig anymore, itz their turn eh?”

“Oi ya bigguns!” Scragz called to a dozen savage orcs sitting around a crude meal of cooked rats, “Youz git back ta work now! Da Warboss aint gonna like hearin’ about his orcz gettin’ fat while workin’!”

The orcs grumbled and picked up several picks and hammers and got back to the tunnel wall and began to toil away. For weeks now their Warboss had ordered them to expand the tunnel until they breached a dwarven mineshaft. The orcs and goblins were restless; this wasn’t their type of work. Unfortunately far from ready food supplies, they’d eaten all their slaves who were digging for them and now the workload fell on their shoulders. Read more…

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