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Plague Priest – Skaven Healer

September 5, 2010 3 comments

“The world shall learn to fear the name of Clan Pestliens. We send forth our Plague Priests to spread the pestilence across the land. With the powerful blessings of the Lord of Decay there is little to stop our triumph over the sun-dwellers!” Arch Plaguelord Nurglitch of Clan Pestilens

Plague Priest

Archtype – Healer/Support

Armor – Light

Weapon – Plaguestaff & Plague Token

Mechanic – Skaven Brands

  • You mark your allies with infused Skaven Brands, each a mark of a different dominant clan in Skaven culture. You burn a mark into the flesh of your ally granting them short term blessings, . Each group member may have one offensive and one defensive brand

Mastery Trees

  • Proliferation – A focus on keeping your allies alive
  • Devastation – A focus on killing your enemies and infecting them with the plague
  • Escalation – A focus on branding your allies to increase their battlefield effectiveness

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