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Assassin – Skaven MDPS

“There are tales of mages being found dead surrounded by powerful wards and behind locked doors. There are tales of of members of the Empire’s court being found dead mere feet from their body-guards. There are tales that the shadows themselves can kill. When you hear these tales, know that they are true and that Clan Eshin chooses the time of your death.” Lord Sneek, Nightlord of Clan Eshin


Archtype – Melee DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Dual Wield Daggers

Mechanic – Shadow Blades

  • You fight with enchanted weapons altering the effectiveness of your combat as you face off head to head with your opponents or drag them through the shadows. Each Blade enchantment is a sixty minute buff that cannot be removed. Some abilities require that you are using a particular Blade.

Mastery Trees

  • Day-Killer – A focus on toe-to-toe combat
  • Dusk-Stalker – A focus on weakening your enemy
  • Night-Shade – A focus on positional attacks

R1. Throwing Star <Core Ability> A basic throwing attack that inflicts ‘x’ damage. 20AP, 1s Cast, No CD, 65ft Range

R1. Flesh Finder <Day-Killer> You cut at your enemy and deal ‘x’ damage to them. 25AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R2. Stab and Twist <Dusk-Stalker> You leave an open wound which bleeds profusely dealing ‘x’ damage every second for 5 seconds. 30AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R3. Bloodblade <Dusk-Stalker> Your blade thirsts for blood and glows an eerie crimson red. While using the Bloodblade your toughness is increased by ‘x’. 45AP, Instant Cast, 60m Duration, No CD

R4. Find the Weak Spot <Night-Shade> You get behind your enemy and guide your blade between the cracks in their armor, ignoring 50% of their armor and dealing ‘x’ damage. Target must be facing away from you. 35AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R5. Blade Breaker <Day-Killer> You catch your opponents weapon in your daggers and snap it, dealing ‘x’ damage and reducing their weapon skill by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 30AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R6. Pain Bringer <Dusk-Stalker> You stab fiercely into your opponent dealing ‘x’ damage and reducing their initiative by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 30AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R7. Silverblade <Day-Killer> Your blade reflects the light of day into your enemy’s eyes. While using the Silverblade your chance to parry is increased by 5%. 45AP, Instant Cast, 60m Duration, No CD

R8. Sever Nerve <Archtype Morale 1> A directed strike which deals 1200 damage to your target.

R8. Fear the Night <Detaunt> Detaunts all enemies within 30 feet, making them to hate you less and causing them to deal 50% less damage to you for 15 seconds. If you attack anyone you have detaunted, the effect will immediately end. 20AP, Instant Cast, 15s CD

R9. Backslicer <Night-Shade> You get behind your enemy and quickly cut at him twice dealing ‘x’ damage with each blow. You have a 20% chance to drain 20 Action Points with this attack. Target must be facing away from you. 35AP, Instant Cast, 3s CD

R10. Nightshadow <Core Ability> You fall into the shadows and stalk your enemies, making it less than likely that hostile monsters will notice you, but slowly draining away your action points. This effect will end if you use an ability or run out of action points. Action points will not be consumed if you are standing still. You may not regain action points while in the state of the Nightshadow, this includes consumables. 5AP/s, 3s Cast, 20s CD

R10. Nightbane <Day-Killer> You leap from the shadows and plunge your blades into your opponent dealing ‘x’ damge and decreasing their toughness by ‘x’ for 20 seconds. Requires Nightshadow. Requies Silverblade. 20AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R11. Red Pox <Racial Tactic> Anytime you are hit, your attack will suffer 180 damage over 3 seconds.

R12. Force of Will <Archtype Morale 2> You stare down your opponent draining 200 of their Action Points into yourself, and reducing their strength by 160 for 30 seconds.

R12. Shifting Shadows <Core Ability> For 7 seconds your abilities will ignore any positional requirements.

R13. Jagged Edge <Archtype Tactic> Any time you critically hit an enemy they will begin to bleed, suffering additional 609 corporeal damage over 9 seconds.

R14. Vein Tightener <Dusk-Stalker> You lace your blade with a potent toxin from Cathay causing your target to take ‘x’ damage every time they use a spell for 8 seconds. 30AP, Instant Cast, 20s CD

R15. Poisoned Tips <Tactic> Throwing Stars will now have a 50% chance to reduce your opponents movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds if they are facing away from you.

R16. Ebonblade <Night-Shade> You blade is powered by the dark moons as it cuts through the shadows. While using the Ebonblade your armor penetration is increased by 10%. 45AP, Instant Cast, 60m Duration, No CD

R16. Confusing Movements <Archtype Morale 1> Concentrating on your perceived movements, you will be able to Dodge and Parry all attacks against you for 10 seconds.

R17. Warpstone Infusion <Racial Tactic> Your spiritual resistance is increased by 252

R18. Lightfoot <Core Ability> You use your skill to get out of any snares or roots that may be holding you down. For the next 10 seconds, snares and roots will have no effect on you. 45AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R19. Brute Force <Archtype Tactic> Increases your Strength by 160

R20. Disarming Blow <Night-Shade> You leap from the shadows and knock your enemy’s weapon out of his hand, dealing ‘x’ damage and disarming him for 3 seconds. Target must be facing away from you. Requires Nightshadow. Requires Ebonblade. 20AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R20. Relentless Assault <Archtype Morale 2> A prolonged fervor that grants 10 Action Points to everyone in your group within 100 feet for 10 seconds.

R21. Cutting Edge <Tactic> Your weapon skill is increased by ‘x’

R23. Eye of the Great Horned Rat <Racial Tactic> If any of your attacks are defended against, your next attack cannot be defended against.

R24. Broad Swings <Archtype Morale 3> All of your attacks for the next 10 seconds will strike up to 2 additional enemies within 25 feet in front of you.

R25. Flanking <Archtype Tactic> All of your attacks deal 15% more damage when you strike an enemy from the sides or rear.

R25. Fending Off the Light <Dusk-Stalker> You deflect your opponents blow and increase your initiative by ‘x’ for 20 seconds. Requires Parry. 25AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R27. Life From Death <Tactic> On kill you regain ‘x’ health

R28. Dark Poisons <Assassin Morale 1> You deal 1000 damage to your target over 2 seconds

R29. Riposte <Archtype Tactic> Each time you parry an enemy’s attack, you will strike them back for 274 damage which they can not prevent.

R30. Magical Shatterer <Night-Shade> Your blade is covered with a powerful spell breaking resin. You deal ‘x’ damage to your opponent and remove one damage absorb ability. 40AP, Instant Cast, 20s CD

R31. School of Snikch <Tactic> Fending of the Light’s initiative buff will be 50% more effective.

R32. Life Thirst <Assassin Morale 2> Incoming Heals are 100% more effective on you for 10 seconds

R33. Fuzzy Target <Tactic> Your chance to dodge and disrupt enemy attacks is increased by 10%

R35. Torn Flesh <Tactic> Stab and Twist’s damage over time does 25% more damage and lasts 2 seconds longer

R35. Punctured Lung <Dusk-Stalker> You leap from the shadows and plunge your blade into your targets lungs dealing ‘x’ damage and reducing the effectiveness of incoming heals by 50% for 15 seconds. Requires Nightshadow. Requires Bloodblade. 20AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R36. Dagger Dance <Assassin Morale 3> Your chance to parry is increased to 100% for 10 seconds

R37. Sneek’s Attack <Tactic> Backslice’s chance to drain Action Points is increased to 30% and the drained Action Points go to you.

R39. Nightlord <Tactic> The cooldown for Nightshadow is decreased by 10 seconds, but the cost is increased to 7 Action Points per second

R40. For Clan Eshin! <Core Ability> For every Assassin in your group your melee power is increased by +20 for 10 seconds. 50AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R40. Frenzied Slaughter <Archtype Morale 4> All of your abilities will cost 25% fewer action points, cool down 50% faster, and deal 20% more damage for 7 seconds.

R40. Shatter Enchantment <Core Ability> You sever one blessing from your enemy and deal ‘x’ damage. 25AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD

Mastery Trees


R3. Palpitations <Tactic> Nightbane will also drain 20 Action Points every 5 seconds

R5. High Cut – You swing your blades through the air and hit up to three targets within 25 feet in front of you for ‘x’. 25AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD

R7. Wide & High <Tactic> High Cut’s cone is increased to 180 degrees and hits up to 6 targets

R9. Shoulder Down-Cut – You swing downward at your enemy hitting him twice for ‘x’ damage each hit. Requires Silverblade. 30AP, Instant Cast, 4s CD

R11. Quicksilver Veins <Tactic> Silverblade’s parry buff is increased by 5% and melee power by +20

R13. Heart Seeker – Your blade seeks your enemy’s heart as you deal ‘x’ damage. Requires Silverblade. 35AP, Instant Cast, 6s CD

R15. Through the Temple <Morale 4> You deal 3200 damage to your target


R3. Breathless <Tactic> Punctured Lung will also cause your target to gain morale at 50% speed

R5. Bloody Tracks – You stab your enemy’s legs causing them to take ‘x’ damage every second they are moving for 10 seconds. 25AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD

R7. It Hurts To Walk <Tactic> Bloody Tracks also snares your target for 20%

R9. Missin A Finger – You lob off your enemy’s finger causing them to take ‘x’ damage every second for 8 seconds. Requires Bloodblade. 30AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD

R11. Artery Finder <Tactic> Bloodblade is 50% more effective

R13. Severed Vein – You cut a vital blood vessel and dealing ‘x’ damage immediately to your enemy and causing an additional ‘x’ damage every second for 4 seconds. Requires Bloodblade. 35AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD

R15. Time to Amputate <Morale 4> You bring your daggers down on your enemy’s limb dealing 4000 damage over 9 seconds


R3. Dislocated Shoulder <Tactic> Disarming Blow will also decrease your target’s strength by ‘x’ for 8 seconds

R5. Concussion – You slam the hilts of your daggers into your enemy’s head dealing ‘x’ damage and staggering them for 4 seconds. Target must be facing away from you. 30Ap, Instant Cast, 15s CD

R7. Swift Shadows <Tactic> Increases movement speed while in Nightshadow by 10%

R9. Razor Stars – You throw a pair of dangerously sharp throwing stars at your target dealing ‘x’ damage if they are under 20% health, or ‘x’ damage otherwise. Target must be facing away from you. Requires Ebonblade. 30AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD, 65ft Range

R11. Gromril Cutter <Tactic> Increases Ebonblade’s armor penetration by 15%

R13. Kidnapped! – You grab your opponent and pull them into the shadows with you for 10 seconds during which time they may do nothing. Your speed is increased to 60% and you carry them off. Requires Nightshadow. Requires Ebonblade. No Cost, Instant Cast, 30s CD

R15. Through the Back <Morale 4> You puncture your enemy’s body dealing 2600 damage. If your target is facing away from you then you also debuff their armor by 400 for 10 seconds.

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