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Bretonnia Prelude Part II

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Early Winter, Parravon

When the courier arrived from Quenelles with word of a large beastmen warherd moving in from the Drakwald over the Grey Mountains, Duke Cassvon of Parravon had his doubts. Old Duke Tancred II had been battling the minions of Chaos for decades now and no doubt his brain had been rattled. Had it not been for the second letter sent to Tancred’s daughter, the betrothed of Cassvon’s son Theodius, then Cassvon would have brushed the threat aside and given it to a lesser captain to deal with; however, Tancred requested that his daughter return to Quenelles with all haste where she would be safer. As the first snows began to fall he quickly dispatched riders to the posts in the Grey Mountains and to Montfort. Read more…

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