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Grail Knight – Bretonnian Tank

September 11, 2010 3 comments

“I trekked for days through those accursed mountains. In my dreams the Lady appeared to me and pointed me down that path, but I knew not why. The journey of the Questing Knight is often mysterious an shrouded in mist, but I surely felt as if I had misinterpreted the dream. I had fought in the wars against Araby, roamed the streets of Mousillon at night, slain a mighty orc warlord, and yet the Lady has not graced me with her blessing. It wasn’t until the sixth night in the mountains that I saw why I had been sent here –  a massive drunken centigor had been harassing a small hamlet. Surely this was my calling.” Godric of Carcassonne

Grail Knight

Archtype – Tank

Armor – Heavy

Weapon – Sword or Hammer & Shield; Great Sword or Great Hammer

Mechanic – War Chargers

  • You call powerful steeds to your side and ride them into combat. Each steed has a different bonus ability and grants you a different Mindset. Certain abilities require steeds and/or Mindsets. The wounds, toughness, and initiative of your steed are one half of your stats. If you are dismounted (your pet is killed or an ability dismounts you) then your Mindset persists until you summon a different mount granting you a different Mindset or your buff expires. While mounted your chance to critically hit with melee attacks is increased by 5%. War Chargers increase your movement speed by 5%.

Mastery Trees

  • Cavalier – A focus on great weapons and going on the offensive on foot
  • Paragon – A focus on defensive combat and rallying your allies
  • Paladin – A focus on mounted combat while weakening your opponents and giving your allies the power to finish them off.

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