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Vampire Counts Prelude Part I

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Late Autumn, Sylvania

Almost two months had passed since Cyris Blacksoul had been dispatched from Har Ganeth with her escort of executioners. Malekith had orchestrated a war between the beastmen of the Old World and the Wood Elves, and wisely he predicted that the Wood Elves would turn to the realms of men to hold back the tide during winter when the forest was at its weakest. No faction of the alliance had enough forces to tie up the Bretonnians however, and should they join forces with the Wood Elves, the beastmen would be crushed. No, Malekith foresaw the need for a force to counter the Bretonnians obsessed with their valor and gallantry. In early Autumn he sent for Cyris Blacksoul, a sorceress who even other dark elves feared, a sorceress who dabbled in the dark arts of necromancy. The mission was of dire importance – if they were to crush all their foes they would have to enlist the aid of the undead. Read more…