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Vampire Counts Prelude Part II

September 16, 2010 2 comments

Winter, Mousillon

Heavy snows were falling on the land, turning the grim swamps of Mousillon into treacherous death traps as the snow lay carpeted on the grasses and outer layer of slime, concealing the swampy nature of the land. One wrong step and a stray traveler plummeted through the snow into the murkiness that lay underneath. However, Terion Klosz had no fear of death; every encounter with death made him stronger. He eyed the city of Mousillon, Damned City of Bretonnia, with a cold stare worthy of the land surrounding him. The von Carsteins knew which chord to strike to lure the Blood Dragons to war and Terion Klosz’s insides turned with anger at the blood pact, yet a challenge had been issued to take Mousillon and turn it into a fortress of the undead. The Blood Dragons were too proud to turn down a challenge, and now he was marshaling a host full of his heinous brethren – decrepit necrarchs and feral strigoi.  Read more…