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Lahmian – Vampire Count Healer

September 18, 2010 2 comments

“They say that Lady Gythor’s beauty is so enchanting she can make a man do whatever she wills. You know what I say? Witchcraft! There’s something not right about that woman. She came from no where one day, made our good Lord swoon and within weeks they were married; yet the woman’s never given him a child. He’s getting older and she stays the same. Witchcraft I tell you! Why I’d be willing to wage my winter’s salary shes one of those vampires from the east. Proof? No I haven’t any proof! But you wont catch me walking by her chamber in the darkest hours of the night, no you wont!” Gavrin Rudgaard, Head Steward of the Palace of Nuln


Archtype – Healer

Armor – Light

Weapon – Dagger & Essence

Mechanic – Vampiric Moons

  • You fill yourself with the light of a different phase of the moons and harness the power of night. This will amplify your powers in combat. By default all your abilities are 100 foot range spells which deal single target damage and heal your friendly target up to 150 feet away for 50% of the damage dealt or apply the buff removed at 50% value. You may chance the Phases freely out of combat, but while in combat it takes 5 seconds to change your Phase.

Mastery Trees

  • Seduction – A focus on single target damage and heals.
  • Corruption – A focus on area of effect damage and DoTs for group heals and HoTs
  • Temptation – A focus on weakening your enemy and transferring their power to an ally

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