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Necrarch – Vampire Count RDPS

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“The most despicable of the Bloodlines if I may say so. Twisted and vile creatures with a heart longing only for destruction. I cannot see how there could ever be a union between the Necrarchs and the von Carsteins, they simply do not see eye to eye with our vision. I would sooner work with the savage strigoi than attempt to reason with a necrarch. One can see how centuries of malice has served them, twisting their soul and body alike.” Mannfred von Carstein


Archtype – Range DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Staff

Mechanic – Winds of Death

  • The Winds of Death is a dual pool of 10 points on each half. Abilities from the Path of Annihilation build points towards the pool of W’soran’s Wrath. Abilities from the Path of Devastation build points towards the pool of Nagash’s Reprisal. Abilities from the Path of Degradation do not build points towards either pool but can consume them. Each tree has a core ‘Winds of Death’ finisher which consumes the points and one ‘Winds of Death’ finisher which can be specialized into. Finishers consume the points.

Mastery Trees

  • Annihilation – A focus on single target damage
  • Devastation¬† – A focus on damage over time
  • Degradation – A focus on weakening your opponents

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