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Strigoi – Vampire Count MDPS

September 20, 2010 3 comments

“Now don’t you go out when the sun sets and the moon rises, my boy! Foul creatures lurk in the darkness and snatch boys like yerself for their blood soup. Why theys got eyes red as a blazing fire, teeth as sharp as yer pa’s saw, and claws! Oh the claws! Why their claws are as long as yer arm! They’ll eat yer poor little body and dance with your bones. Good boys close their doors and windows at night and stay inside. You hear the leaves rustle and branches crack at night, you best hide under yer bed and pray to Sigmar you are spared to see another sun rise!” Old Wives Tale


Archtype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Claws

Mechanic – Warrior’s Blood

  • Your motivation in battle is driven by your lust for blood. You have a pool of 0-100 Warrior’s Blood. You have a buff called ‘Blood Drinker’ which will become active when you are within 80 feet of a fresh corpse. You can drain the corpse for 15 Warrior’s Blood points; you also gain 25 Warrior’s Blood points when you land a killing blow. Your points will decay after being out of combat for 1 minute. Your Warrior’s Blood points either enhance certain abilities are are consumed to activate certain abilities.

Mastery Trees

  • Face Eater –  A focus on toe to toe single combat
  • Blood Spiller – A focus on weakening your opponents slowly
  • Grave Robber – A focus on attacking your target from behind

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