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Bretonnians v Vampire Counts Campaign

Today I conclude my final campaign, and as per usual I must include maps because I love maps! Once again I am following the standard model of Tiers 1-4 as red/blue dots with capitals (even though Mythic hates capitals) and including my idea of locations for Tier 5 and a dungeon for the pairing. I hope I do my readers justice in designing this campaign – I know the Vampire Counts are a very popular Warhammer army and I have gone against the grain in my design of it. Despite Games Workshops focus on the Von Carsteins I have turned the focus west to the other Bloodlines with distinguishing characteristics; I compensate for this with my version of Tier 5 for this campaign. So without further ado…

Tier 1 – The Zombie Marshes & Carcassonne – While the Blood Dragons began their winter assault on Mousillon and spreading from within the kingdom of Bretonnia, the Necrarchs ventured into the Zombie Marshes above Skavenblight to lure the undead host to the side of the Vampires. The host was already available, no hassle was required to raise it; it was simply a matter of controlling their weak minds. Sensing the danger lurking on the other side of the Black Mountains the knights of the hilly province of Carcassonne rally to hold off the onslaught from the south.

Tier 2 – Brionne & The Aquitaine-Bordeleaux Border – The forces of the undead have seized Mousillon and spill forth beyond its boarders, sending a massive host to the port city of Bordeleaux. With this vital port under siege by the vampires and the host pushing further south to link up with the Necrarchs and Strigoi from the Zombie Marshes, the knights of Brionne are charged with a vital role of keeping the port of Brionne open. If any aide is to come from their allies the knights cannot lose this port and must hold off the onslaught which pressures Aquitaine.

Tier 3 – Bastonne & Gisoreux – The Blood Dragons emerge from their lairs in the Forest of Chalons and march north attacking Castle Bastonne hoping to break the back of the Bretonnian defenses. The knights valiantly hold out in Bastonne and form their relief forces in Gisoreux, holding the southern approaches to the capital in the Pale Sisters. Any undead host hoping to cross those mountains will pay dearly.

Tier 4 –

  • Mousillon & Artois – The Blood Dragons seized Mousillon in the dead of winter when there was no way for it to be defended. They quickly raised an undead host from the murky swamps and fortified the town forming an imposing city of the undead. Sending forth undead hosts to the north, east and south, their northern group was the largest with their eyes on the throne of Bretonnia. Their first target was the province of Artois in the dark Forest of Ardens.
  • Lyonesse & Old Mousillon – With a firm grasp on Artois the Vampire Counts push west to Lyonesse to secure their western flank. A vicious struggle emerges from Old Mousillon, a former chunk of the province of Mousillon seized by Lyonesse when it became apparent the Duke of Mousillon could not hold his own lands. The lands rife with the dead of many wars is the target of the Necrarchs who hope to raise a large host and hold the western shores of Bretonnia.
  • L’Anguille & Couronne – The might of the Grail Knights has been sent to hold the largest port of Bretonnia, L’Anguille and its lighthouse. Fresh supplies arrive daily from the allies of Bretonnia and the longer this port stays open, the greater the chances of success the Grail Knights will have. Tucked away safely in the north-eastern corner of Bretonnia lies its capital of Couronne garrisoned by the noble Grail Knights and forces of the Fey Enchantress.

Dungeon – The Mound of Krell – Once a champion of Chaos and turned undead by a necromancer, Krell lays imprisoned deep in the Grey Mountains. Both factions race to secure his tomb, one hoping to seal it forever, the other hoping to unleash a foul host on the realm of men.

Tier 5 –

  • a. Quenelles – One of the largest and wealthiest provinces of Bretonnia it avoided the main gaze of the Blood Dragons while the war efforts focused on the provinces bordering Mousillon and Couronne. Now in an effort to weaken the defenses of Athel Loren the Vampire Counts have turned their eyes on this province with a united hosts of Greenskins from Massif Orcal, Skaven from the Black Chasm, and Beastmen from the Forest of Chalons.
  • b. Blood Keep – The seat of the Blood Dragons, the knights of Bretonnia have rallied to push into the Grey Mountains and besiege the rebuilt keep in hopes of striking at the head of the Blood Dragons.
  • c. The Middle Mountains – The Necrarchs of the Empire have rallied from the Forest of Shadows, Great Forest, and the Drakwald Forest on the Middle Mountains behind Hochland raining down destruction on the wrecked province.
  • d. The Silver Pinnacle – Seat of Queen Nefertata and the Lahiman coven. This vile mountain is full of twisting caverns and endless caves, no army ever venturing into it has returned, but if we are to cut off the head of the vile Vampire Queen we must venture into here.
  • e. Mordheim – The City of the Dead. Once a large Empire town, reduced to rubble in an instant when a star fell from the heavens upon it. Now the dead walk the streets and claim it for their own. It is from here that Von Carstein will hope to raise a large army.
  • f. Waldenhof – A quaint Empire town tucked in the hills of Sylvania always weary and worried about the undead hosts that plague the land. Now it has once again fallen victim to the raids of the von Carsteins.
  • g. The Moot – Home of the humble halfling folk, this community in the rolling hills of the eastern Empire has always known struggle and strife. Now the undead pour over its hills and plague the people.
  • h. Valholdenschlosse – The massive ruined castle of the Vampire Counts once was a bastion for the von Carsteins until it was razed. Now the undead lurk in its halls once more and breath a new foul life into its corridors. It is from here they aim to launch their invasion of the Empire and it is from here that the reclamation of Sylvania msut begin!
  • i. Castle Drakenhof – The very lair of the Von Carstein menace that is an ever festering sore within the Empire. Try as they may, the Empire can raze this castle endlessly, it will not be until they rid the world of every last von Carstein that this province can begin to breath again.
  • j. Forest of Gloom – Hugging the Black Mountains  and the Worlds Edge Mountains is the Forest of Gloom in the northern territories of the Border Princes. It gains its title from the massive amounts of strigoi that populate it and terrorize the weak border princes. If there is any hope of riding the world of this Bloodline, the attempts to do so must begin here!
  • k. Nagashizzar – The home of the vile necromancer Nagash. From here he plots his foul deeds. From him the Vampires first gained their power. A blow to him would severely weaken the realm of the undead.
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