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WAR Turns 2!

When I started my chain of posts on the six new armies and their archtypes back in August I stepped away from the ‘reporting’ on the goings on of Warhammer Online and let my fellow bloggers keep you up to date on those issues and wave the pitchforks and torches. Now that I’m back to ‘just blogging’ (for now) I get to look back on the… how ever many days I missed, and see whats been going on.

So Recap!

  • End of August we had GamesCom Cologne and Gamesday Balitmore where we were told we would be given information in regards to the future of War and Mythic’s “Announcement”. Apparently the legal and marketing departments dropped the ball on the producers at those conferences and they were left with little to present.
  • Following that snafu on August 28th Andy created his Q&A thread on the official forums to answer any questions that the community felt went unanswered. Alas he did not answer mine. In fact I feel like he only answered the soft-balls and dodged the hard-balls. For most of the Skaven related questions he gave us the ‘Folks, wait for Carrie’s Producer’s Letter, it will give you more information.’ and I hate being called a folk -_-
  • In comes the end of August and we get our monthly Producer’s Letter and… we got what I expect to get, a rehash of everything we already knew from the month of August, and nothing new for the future. I feel that the Producer’s Letters are meant for people not playing Warhammer Online, because if you play, follow the forums and blogs, you always know the main chunk of content and feel like you got nothing new. What did we get? GamesCom/Gamesday recap, 1.3.6 recap, Victory Point system getting outed (something new), War is not F2P, Skaven themed zone with non-npc faction Skaven, and RR100. Already in me bones I feel the Skaven we’re going to be served are not what the players want. I think most players want to level a Skaven from tier 1, learn his abilities, tactics, morales, earn xp and renown, get gear. What I fear we are going to get is a pet we buy with ordnance or a ‘curse’ where when we’re in the ‘Skaven-themed zone’ we turn into a Skaven of our archtype (so using my archtypes if you’re an Ironbreaker you turn into a Storm Vermin) so same abilities – new skin.
  • September ushered in the Annual Live Event of the Wild Hunt which gave me much glee turning people into pigs, mainly Order because when you turn the enemy into a pig its like trying to catch a greased pig guarded by angry farmers. This is one of my favorite Live Events for the pig curse… and of course it promoted tons of RvR around the Hunters Vale vines.
  • September 18th Warhammer Online turns 2!!! Had I written this two days ago I would have been full of venom but Mythic atoned for their negligence. For the weekend of the birthday we got double renown/exp which is always tasty. It felt like that was all the producers were going to give us and the birthday came and went and then they awarded their loyal players with a fancy new cape, a double exp/renown aegis, and an everlasting firework! Also they were kind enough to post a nice video which also works as a promo and gives us a tease at the end with more skaven art work. Alas, the bastages at the bakery messed up my cake =(

So WAR has survived two years of nay-sayers and we sail on! It was a nice gesture of Mythic to reward our loyalty with some nice new toys and with the promise of the new RvR packs being released before December, the next three months will certainly be filled with tension and excitement.

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