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A Game of Numbers…

September 24, 2010 1 comment

So before I jump into today’s topic I’ll quickly redirect you to the proposed Marauder changes thread. I’m happy that Mythic is finally giving this class attention as in the many months I have been playing WAR they have been up there in the neglected-boat with Engis, SWs, and Magi. As someone with a SW as a main, 1.3.6 left me utterly disappointed with the carpet-bomb RDPS changes, but that’s another issue. One thing I will say is how flabbergasted I am with all the destro asking for Marauders to get pounce. This is seriously a -palm face- moment. Of all the nice toys the Marauder already has (aoe KD, AP Drain, a pull that doesnt aggro guards and cant be parried like the gay-ass WL pet) and is further getting (positional armor pen, guaranteed crit under-50-finisher, a +50% damage tactic) I am genuinely worried that this class is getting too much TLC. The TTK in WAR is already rather absurd and Mythic introduced the defensive Sovereign sets to offset this. Apparently they didn’t realize that not everyone wears Sovereign or has been lucky enough to beat the RR23s in winning some. If Mythic was a doctor and you came in with a cut on your finger, they would recommend amputating the whole arm. Instead of using the scalpel, they use the ax. Ah well, /end rant. On to the post!

I am not a math person at all, yet today I bring to the table numbers. I’m talking purple numbers. Yes, today I would like to address the change to increase the renown cap to 100. Now I’ve already addressed these changes in a prior thread before they were announced; I know, I’m an oracle. You can read that to see my feelings in regards to this change and I wont try to repeat what I’ve already said because this post is simply about numbers, however I must quote myself just once from that post.

This ‘expansion’ in my mind does not smell financially wise decision at all. In fact all this expansion does smell like is financial incentive without any thought. “Gee how do we get player to play longer without actually giving them new places to fight or new things to do… I know raise the cap!” Lets face it people who are already RR80 and still play are not playing for the gain, theyre playing to kill. People who unsubbed probably left because there was nothing new, the renown was a grind, or the game wasn’t to their fancy (bugs, PvP orientation, etc).

Ok that being said, Mythic is fishing for money, good for them. On to the numbers!

CAUTION: This post may cause tears! I am not responsible for any pets that ‘go missing’ in your oven. Read more…

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