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They Came in Twos

Today I would like to discuss a concept I’ve had for a long time but never really fleshed out – and I certainly do not intend to flesh it out today but mayhaps bring it up and see if anyone else has cool ideas.

In Warhammer’s sphere of PvP and PvE generally speaking the most group diversity is desired. You don’t really want two of the same healer or tank because of overlapping buffs, and the same for dps classes. I however would like to propose a system that would make pairing up with your similar class-mate ‘fun’. It would become activated much like how one apprentices another. For the sake of simplicity we’ll call this system ‘Partnership’. So you right click on your class-mate’s portrait and ‘start a partnership’ and the head of said relationship is the highest ranking person. Upon entering this relationship both players get a buff (like the buff you get for wearing 8 pieces of sovereign). If they click their buff within say 10 seconds and are within ‘x’ feet of each other, then their special ability is used. Now initially this idea was launched after seeing the White Lions in Warhammer. In lore they don’t have lion pets… they kill them to prove their skill and guard the king once this skill has been proven – as a sign of this skill they wear dead lion pelts; they do not frolic about with a lion. In fact the only interaction they do have with live lions is the Chracian Chariot – which is a chariot drawn by a pair of lions. Hence the idea was born! Now I’ve just thought up random abilities and it was rather hard since for dps classes you don’t really want to increase their dps, and for other classes I deem OP in every aspect I couldn’t think of a buff that would be fair.

So going down the list here is what I came up with for the Partnership system, of course I encourage you, my readers, to come up with more clever abilities!

The Blue Team

  • Sword Master – An AoE Knockdown (so they can knock everyone down first and then punt them! Immunities for all!)
  • Archmage – An ‘x’ second force-field that cannot be penetrated (Like the one in the Charce High Elf Ch4 town)
  • Shadow Warrior – A rope ladder fired onto keep outer walls that lasts ‘x’ seconds and players can use to scale the wall into the keep.
  • White Lion – A Chracian Chariot, one drives, the other does dps
  • Iron Breaker – They stand back to back/side by side (like 10 ft range) and damage taken reduced by ‘x’ for ‘x’ seconds
  • Rune Priest – They summon an anvil of doom which does ‘x’ aoe damage to all enemies within ‘x’ feet
  • Engineer – They summon a gyrocopter, one flies, one shoots a gun at the tip
  • Slayer – A grudge brother, if one dies the other does 100% more damage for ‘x’ seconds
  • Knight of the Blazing Sun – A burst of solar energy from Myrmidia
  • Warrior Priest – Shield of Sigmar, aoe damage reduction bubble
  • Bright Wizard – A firestorm
  • Which Hunter – Burning at the Stake, they root someone on a stake and light them on fire for ‘x’ seconds

The Red Team

  • Black Guard – They unleash their hatred and cause all enemies within ‘x’ feet to lose all their morale
  • Disciple of Khaine – They splash their soul essence about and increase all allies within ‘x’ feet damage by ‘x’
  • Sorceress – A hail storm
  • Witch Elf – They stab into an opponent and make him go nuts, you have no control over your abilities for ‘x’ seconds and beat whoever is near you
  • Black Orc – Orcapult!
  • Shaman – They summon fists of Mork & Gork to slam into the ground for ‘x’ seconds
  • Squig Herder – One squig eats the other’s squig and gets bigger, and then eats the two gobbos and he can jump super high (onto walls)
  • Choppa – Boar Chariot
  • Chosen – An aoe burst of anger
  • Zealot – A dps mark of chaos that burns through the enemies
  • Magus – They summon a Lord of Change (like champion/hero level)
  • Marauder – One swings the other around and hurls him 100 feet (you wanted pounce….)

Just some fun ideas to give people a reason to pair up with their class and wreck havoc =P

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