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1.4 Information on the Horizon

September 27, 2010 1 comment

So today I will be brief in my post simply because there is A LOT to read about the future of Warhammer on other blogs!

Now as per usual I will chime in my own thoughts, but try to keep them to the minimum since I am none too happy and wouldn’t want to scare anyone away. Simply put – based on the information that has been thus issued I am pretty upset about this patch for several reasons.

  1. Last summer many people (on Gorfang) quit War because they couldn’t progress their gear past Dark Promise and Annihilator (the lucky few got their hands on some Conq). People were begging Mythic for a second ramp to the lord room in forts so they could become more do-able. Cities at that time on Gorfang never happened. What did Mythic do? They axed the forts and proudly announced that cities would get pushed more! (as if it was a good thing). Lo and behold the city (Altdorf) was pushed about three times a day, four times on bad days. More people quit because it turned into endless city defenses. Now Invader gear was raining from the heavens like candy, and conq could be bought with excess crests. Mythic used the axe when the scalpel should have been used. Now they propose a system which is meant to make zones harder to flip in the “easy” sense that “all you need” are both the keeps (which are harder to take/easier to defend). So once again they go at it with the axe. I fear that now the city will once again become a grim memory of the past – unless you play destro on Gorfang and push the city at 4am. Don’t get me wrong – the city as it is today is what it should have been, but it still occurs too often. The easiest solution to all of this could have been implemented oh last July when people started jumping ship if Mythic just gave us what we wanted – a second ramp in forts. That’s all we wanted. But no, Mythic always knows best.
  2. On Line Shopping – I am generally opposed to spending more money on a game when we have to pay $15 a month for the service we receive. If it was purely for vanity items I would be ok with it – but ‘vanity’ pets with minor buffs? Mounts with different stats? And seriously what kind of pet are you going to give every class… those hounds? War is a grim MMO about death and destruction; this is not Hello Kitty Online where we get a butterfly pet increasing our baking skill by +17.
  3. Skaven – I am ok with the changes to the keeps, especially the aerial bombers (a concept I actually thought existed in the game when I started playing and set foot in Ekrund and all the gyrocopters were flying about bombing the greenskins – I was sorely disappointed to not see them elsewhere). But to have the keep essentially being taken by Skaven? Let me simply – you need a rat ogre to pound down the gate, you need a pack master to heal the rat ogre, you need a warlock engineer to heal siege weapons to keep the enemy’s siege weapons off you, and you need a gutter runner to destroy the enemy’s siege weapons. So essentially the entire keep take can be done by a warband of Skaven. I am terribly sorry but wtf is this, Warhammer: The Age of Skaven. I can already foresee everyone turning into skaven for a keep siege. Oh and what about the bloody point where Skaven don’t fight with Order? (Andy can shove his Gotrek and Felix reference up his butt since I’m willing to bet he hasn’t touched any War literature, including army books). The keeps seem like they will be fun, but the skaven is the biggest disappointment yet. You know, like when we got LotD and the Tomb Kings and it was just a huge PvE sandbox. The players want playable skaven and Mythic is just pounding a square peg into a circle hole. “Here’s your skaven lads, enjoy playing a class meant to take keeps!” I do not want to see Order playing Skaven. I want destro to get playable skaven from level 1 and I want them to be a class you play and love, not a ‘its that time of the day, time to put on my skaven skin’ class.

I am sorry, I love Warhammer and the lore behind this game, but this is a bastardization of everything War is to me. I will continue to publish my remaining thoughts on my blog until this patch goes live. Once 1.4 hits the big screen only the entertainment value will keep me playing, and due to the level of discontent I am feeling now I do not know how much longer that will be. Mythic stop butchering Warhammer’s lore. Stop ‘fixing’ Warhammer by implementing stuff only you think is cool, try to listen to your community who actually play the game.

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