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Start of Journey #2!

September 28, 2010 1 comment

So today I just wanted a quick post to keep my readers appraised of my intentions and direction of the blog. I’ve already begun pounding out my next string of posts in me head. Now this is a warning – the path I am going down may seem dull and dry to many, but alas it will be a path down the realm of PvE. I hope my readers forgive me for going in this direction but I hope that the end result is a product that will make the imagination run wild! As an indication of the future – the next few posts I will analyze dungeons in Warhammer – mainly those accessible to Order since my highest level Destro toon is level 7 (I think…) =\. If anyone has knowledge of these dungeons and would like to do a guest write up, by all means! I know for many who have been playing WAR for months or years will already know much of what I intend to cover the coming week, but my hope is that once you see why I did my analysis you’ll appreciate it. I hope the discussion of PvE doesn’t drive too many of my viewers away =P

Allow me to emphasize: this will not be a walk-through of the dungeons. This will be an analysis of the dungeons layout/design/and boss mechanics. If you want a walk-through I can happily email you one I wrote up for my guild.

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