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Eka’s Crusade

So I’m going to call myself a liar. I know I’m messing up my own next string of threads but I quickly and briefly had to interject (just once!) to cast the light on a thread I’ve started on the official forums. Simply put – I am not happy about the introduction of Skaven in their current form – more or less as skins players don to assault keeps (both Order and Destruction). I have no qualms about the new mechanic for keep takes, it sounds interesting and interactive; my qualms lay in the fact that this introduction of skaven pretty much nixes any implementation of them as a playable army AND that Order has the same mechanic. I would be far happier if Destruction got skaven for this RvR mechanic and Order got Ogres (Ogre Tyrant = Rat Ogre, Ogre Butcher = Pack Master, Gnoblar = Gutter Runner, Bull Ogre = Warpstone Engineer). There bam, solution where lore isn’t killed. I know tons of people are citing the Gotrek and Felix novels saying ‘Hey look the Empire worked with the Skaven!’ Um ok the Empire is a a buncha sleezbags that will do anything to win, glory for Sigmar et al. The High Elves and Dwarves would NOT ever work with Skaven. Then the wise asses go ‘well slayers would never fight with elves so screw the lore anyway!’ Um… slayers weren’t suppose to be playable in the game, Hammerers were. So originally it worked out fine. And to those who say ‘GW signed off on it so its ok” – well I’ve emailed Games Workshop about this the second I heard about it and without going into details and such I was told “Yeah we don’t like what Mythic is doing either, but they have a contract and we can’t do much about it, I suggest you contact them if you’re upset.”

Anyway I’m not going to argue with myself – if you would like to support the crusade against Mythic take a look at my thread and show your support, any is much appreciated!

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  1. September 30, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    Ouch! GW’s response to you is grim indeed.

    I’m with you and posted some similar thoughts, Order could have Ogres (Rat Ogre), Gnoblars (Packmaster), Dwarf Thunderers (Warlock Engineers), and Wood Elf Scouts (Gutter Runners). It would add some neat diversity and would seem appropriate. Order has some of the best siege engineers on their side, why wouldn’t they tap the Dwarfs? If they make RvR and flipping zones easier, people will play them even if they aren’t rats.

    Even so, if new races are ever implemented, Skaven could still be viable. The classes introduced here might not be the best as full-time playable classes. I could see a Skaven invasion as a race to include: Stormvermin (Tank), Eshin Assassin (MDPS), Poison Globadier or Grey Seer (RDPS), and the Plague Monk or Grey Seer (Healer).

    The past two years of WAR have been a mulligan. Once 1.4 goes live it’s time to truly focus on NEW stuff rather than overhauling the game.

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