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T2 Dungeon – Altdorf Sewers

Today I shall delve deep into the Skaven infested sewers of Altdorf. Kill them in T2, play them in T4! Mythic’s new Order! For those looking for an analysis of the Destruction equivalent, the Sacellum, I refer you to the wonderfully presented material of Thehealeroftru on his blog.

T2 – RR12-21

The Altdorf Sewers

Tier 2 gives us our first dungeon with an armor set, and this one is located in the very heart of Altdorf. We descend deep into the scum infested Sewers of Altdorf to battle the Skaven for the first, but not last, time!

Time Commitment – For a group of the appropriate level these dungeons (each ‘wing’) can take around half an hour to an hour. The easiest dungeon is shortest, and the hardest dungeon is significantly longer. I would estimate that doing all three with a party of level 11-20 characters could take between an hour and a half and two hours. Fortunately with so many players in their 40s, groups can easily be stacked with a 40 dps to make all three wings take about fifteen to thirty minutes.

Layout – This is our first ‘winged’ dungeon. By this I mean that each armor set piece and its respective boss is in his own path. You can choose to do just the one you need, and for this it is very nice. I am a huge fan of winged instances.

Design – The Sewers are designed to be a six-man instance, located in the very heart of the Order capital city, making it easily accessible.

Boss Mechanics –

  • South Sewers: Kokrit Man-Eater – The south entrance of the sewers is the shortest and its end boss is Kokrit Man-Eater, a level 14 Hero rat-ogre. He is a basic tank and spank with an aoe ground pound (a mechanic that is repeated often in future dungeons).
  • North Sewers: Vermer Fangchitter & Prot Fangchitter – These two are stormvermin, each a level 16 hero. The likewise are a tank and spank with their ‘unique’ mechanic being that they drop a corrosive puddle on the ground which does about 200 damage to players if they stand in it. You simply move the mobs to avoid the puddles.
  • Middle Sewers: Gordian the Creator – The final boss of the sewers is a level 18 hero corrupt wizard. He hits rather hard and runs to different corners of his room; each corner he goes to he summons a different swarm of corrupt critters (nurglings, spiders, maggots). The biggest issue with him is controlling the trash mobs he summons which can overwhelm weakly geared groups.

Loot Mechanics – The Altdorf Sewers offer the first dungeon set, the Keeper set. Each wing boss can drop up to two pieces of their respective piece; however, their drop rate is determined by the level of stars the city has so it is possible for them to drop only one piece. Kokrit Man-Eater of the south sewers drops the Keeper boots; the Fangchitter brothers each drop a piece of Keeper gloves. Gordian the Creator drops the Keeper Chest.

Lockout – None! However if you run it again keep in mind the bosses take 15 minutes to respawn – this can easily be amended by doing /partyreset if you would like to farm your Keeper gear (or dyes)

Lore – I personally am a fan of the skaven-infested sewers idea, because it is one of the few areas in the Order zones where one can interact with Skaven. Also it rides on the idea that there is a decent sized Skaven-Undercity beneath Altdorf as they search for Warpstone.

Overall Review – In my opinion this dungeon gets 3/5 stars and in all honesty its not this dungeon’s fault. The truth is that in tier 2 no one really knows of this dungeon and it is rarely done – in fact I’m willing to venture that it is among the least done dungeons in WAR. There are quests in Altdorf that point you to the dungeons, but the fact remains that few people do quests. Its saving grace is that should someone want to do this dungeon then they can usually ask a kind level 40 soul in the marketplace of Altdorf to help kill ‘x’ boss for a quest, which is generally how this dungeon is done. For that reason, since 6 mans of tier 2 players rarely go through this dungeon, its rating is lower.

Tomorrow off to Mount Gunbad!

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