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T3 Dungeon – Mount Gunbad

Today we descend into the Night Goblin infested Mount Gunbad!

Tier 3 – RR22-31

Mount Gunbad

Running through the Badlands we enter the Night Goblin lair of Mount Gunbad, one of the primary Night Goblin communities and by no means an ally of the Bloody Sun Boyz. Today we serve our seven course meal out of order to ease the digestion of that which is consumed!

Design – Mount Gunbad is the first instance in Warhammer that is meant to be completed by a warband (24 players) – in fact it can accommodate several warbands if so many are willing. It is what I call a ‘Realm-Instanced Dungeon’ meaning your whole realm could go cram themselves inside, there is no population cap. However, the boss fights are still six man instances with lockouts. It is also the first dungeon due to its Realm-Instance design that instead of mini-bosses has three Public Quests per wing (so different groups do not have to wait for bosses to respawn.)

Time Commitment – Now Mount Gunbad is probably the first real dungeon a player comes upon in terms of scale. One of the issues however is that due to its design it is a time consuming dungeon if attempted by a six man of the required level. Admittedly, it is very rare for warbands to enter this dungeon, thus most of its exploration is done with six mans (since the boss fights are six-man instances anyway). That being said/assumed, this dungeon can take a few hours with just a six man since it is intended to be completed by a warband. Fortunately it has since launch been toned down to better accommodate a six man.

Layout – Mount Gunbad is divided into three wings, going from easiest to hardest we have the right, left, and middle wings, or the Goblin Laboratory, Squig Nursery, and Goblin Barracks. As stated before each wing has three public quests, which you do not need to do, and then a wing boss. In bygone days you needed a bubble of influence (which was obtained by doing the PQs) to access each wing boss (one bubble right wing, two bubbles left wing, full influence middle wing), but this system was scraped.

Boss Mechanics – One interesting aspect of this dungeon is that the final boss can only be accessed by doing three quests killing the wing bosses. Only once you have turned those three “A Threat from…” quests and get “A Threat from ‘Ard Ta Feed” can you enter the final boss fight. The annoying part of this is that ‘Ard Ta Feed is right next to Solithex at the end of the middle wing, so after killing Solithex you have to turn in the quest and go back down the middle wing again to fight ‘Ard Ta Feed.

  • Right Wing/Goblin Laboratory – Masta Mixa – This boss fight is pretty fun as the boss has a few tricks up his sleeve. He is a Night Goblin Shaman level 24 Hero with his trusty Waaaghstick Gitzappa da Stick. Unlike other bosses he does not have an AoE-cleave; instead he has an AoE knockback, and will summon two green fists which pound the ground – both can be avoided by moving away from him and kiting him to a different position. His last trick is that he will randomly have his Waaaghstick hold a random person, preventing them from taking any actions until the Waaaghstick is destroyed.
  • LeftWing/Squig Nursery – Glomp da Squig Masta – Here we fight a level 26 Squig Herder Hero. His primary attack is the level 40 Squig Herder ability Shoot Thru Ya. At 80%, 60%, and 40% he teleports away and summons three squigs – once you kill them he descends from his loft and proceeds to shoot you more. At 20% he turns into a giant squig and likes to stomp on the ground – akin to the Squig Herder ability Big Bouncin’. Aside from these tricks he throws green pools on the ground which do damage when standing in them, and the longer the fight drags on the more ground is covered in the green goo.
  • Middle Wing/Goblin Barracks – Wight Lord Solithex – Here we have a level 28 Hero which like Glomp has several phases; however, each of Solithex’s phases is marked by a different ability. The first 25% of his life he will randomly stick someone in a bubble at the back of the room which will slowly kill that player – the bubble must be destroyed. Once he reaches 75% he disappears and three bone giants come to life at the floor of the arena. Once they are destroyed Solithex reappears and will toss people into the air and cast what most players recognize as the Sorceress ability ‘Pit of Shades’ which lasts a long time. Get him down to 50% and he once again disappears and four Mourkain pillars spawn at the floor of the arena. They will summon skeletons at intervals of every few seconds until they are destroyed. Destroy all four pillars and Solithex returns for the final leg of the fight. Take him down to 20% and dozens of champion mobs appear around the arena walls slowly descending to the floor, if you don’t kill him fast enough you have to fight them as well.
  • The final boss (also down the middle wing) is ‘Ard Ta Feed, a level 30 giant two-faced squig hero. He is pretty much a tank-and-spank. He has a spit ability which will reduce damage output I believe (I never bothered to check what it does…) But he is definately not the hardest boss in Gunbad

Loot Mechanics – In Mount Gunbad one can acquire the awesome Redeye set (named for the Redeye Goblin tribe that inhabits Mount Gunbad). Like its RvR equivalent set, the Devastator set, it is a 5-piece set. The Redeye Helm can be obtained from a gold bag from any of the nine PQs in Mount Gunbad. Masta Mixa drops one class-specific of Redeye Gloves; Glomp drops one class-specific piece of Redeye Boots; Solithex drops once class-specific piece of Redeye Shoulders; and ‘Ard Ta Feed drops two class-specific pieces of the Redeye Chest. For most players their biggest grief with this dungeon is that the wing bosses only drop one piece of gear, especially since its class specific. If it was two pieces, the odds would be greater, or even if it was one piece that was repairable by archtype.

Lockouts – Each wing boss has a 30 minute lockout timer, making each piece relatively farmable if you fight your way back up to the wing boss.

Lore – My biggest beef with Mount Gunbad is that its entrance is a supposed tunnel in the Badlands, which is thousands of miles away. In either case it is indeed a fallen dwarven hold which use to be the primary center for the harvest of Brightstone. Now it is inhabited by the Night Goblin tribe known as the Redeyes. Like most greenskin tribes, unity and loyalties are tenuous at best so it does make sense for both factions to be invading this dungeon and killing goblins.

Overall Review – I’ll admit it, I am a big fan of the artistic design of Mount Gunbad. Most other underground environments of Warhammer Online are small twisting tunnels or shallow Dwarf Holds. Mount Gunbad is a massive underground complex with huge caverns. In its original state I would have given it 2/5 stars simply for artistic appeal but the changes made to the dungeon (removing influence requirements for wing bosses, healers after each pq, portals to entrance at wing bosses, and toning it down to be doable by a 6-man) greatly improved this dungeon. I give it 4/5 stars, its one pitfall is the loot mechanics. It is mind-boggling that the wing bosses drop one piece of armor while the final boss drops two. This dungeon is the first example of PvE sets that are many times harder to get than their RvR equivalents; and for a game focused on RvR, obtaining a PvE set is a grind.

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  1. October 2, 2010 at 1:30 PM

    Bastion Next?
    With any luck.

    I have honestly hated gunbad with a freaking passion ever since I first did it. I remember all 6 times I’ve done it, something wrong has gone bad all 6 times.

    1. Giant ragefest between 2 party members, they both ragequit, who were they? The two healers.
    2. wtflol shaman Rages at a disciple of khaine for being a sucky tank (he was dead serious) once we explain to the shaman that I’M the tank (I was playing my chosen) and the DoK is the healer, the shaman is alright with it. I examine his gear and notice the sunuvabitch is DPS fail spec, (balistics talismans)
    3. Whole group crashes to desktop, two never come back.
    4. Right wing boss bugs and crits for 50k. We try to switch to another side. The rank 1 bat mob crits for 5000. Something’s wrong here…
    5. I get raged at for not healing enough, I explain how I’m not even in his party, not to mention dead. He sends me rage tell, ignores me, logs out. (this is the only time I’ve ever done it with a WB)
    6. 1/2 the group has “got to go eat” once we wipe on the first PQ boss.

    I’ve soloed the right wing to try to farm redeye gear. That’s the only time I’ve ever returned to that damned hole.

  2. Krugge
    October 4, 2010 at 6:47 AM

    I have always enjoyed Gunbad and BS but as you stated in the end part the “Loot Mechanics” killed this for me and our steady group. I hope you push the idea of “repairable by archtype idea up the line as that would be a great way to go. I believe it would be a simple yet very effective change. While this is truly a PvE part of the game which has hit a very low point for Warhammer and is all but a swear word never to be spoken of in the Mythic community, I believe it would be such a waste to leave such an under utilized part of the game sit as it is.

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