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T4 Dungeon – Bastion Stair

October 4, 2010 4 comments

We return to the wonderful world of dungeons in Warhammer Online. Today we descend/ascend the stairs of Bastion Stair (its not called that for any reason, its got tons of stairs…). This dungeon strikes a particular chord in my heart as I spent probably more hours here farming my Bloodlord gear than the guy who made the dungeon. In many cases Bastion Stair is like Mount Gunbad, but more like its neglected step-sister, which I shall prove in my 8-step analysis.

T4 – RR32-39

Bastion Stair

Like Mount Gunbad I shall mess around with the order of today’s menu for easier digestion. Unfortunately I’m low on boss pictures because my hard-drive wiped and goodbye screenies =( Read more…

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