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Greater Ward Dungeon – Sigmar’s Crypts and The Warpblade Tunnels

October 5, 2010 4 comments

So with this pair of dungeons I begin the T4 break-down by wards the gear provides (not wards the dungeon requires) since this is more or less how to judge the divisions of the further dungeons. Once again I apologize for not writing about the Destruction counterparts because although I have done them in the old city when you could do the enemy instances, I am by no means an expert and defer that write up/analysis to someone more qualified. I may briefly allude to them, but by no means do I intend to go in depth regarding the Destruction equivalents.


Sigmar’s Crypts & The Warpblade Tunnels (Sigs & WBT)

Now it is important to realize that these are in fact three different dungeons – Sigmar’s Crypts, and two different sets of Warpblade Tunnels full of Skaven to kill (so after wards you can go play one wearing your new Sent Gear). Read more…

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