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Greater Ward Dungeon – Sigmar’s Crypts and The Warpblade Tunnels

So with this pair of dungeons I begin the T4 break-down by wards the gear provides (not wards the dungeon requires) since this is more or less how to judge the divisions of the further dungeons. Once again I apologize for not writing about the Destruction counterparts because although I have done them in the old city when you could do the enemy instances, I am by no means an expert and defer that write up/analysis to someone more qualified. I may briefly allude to them, but by no means do I intend to go in depth regarding the Destruction equivalents.


Sigmar’s Crypts & The Warpblade Tunnels (Sigs & WBT)

Now it is important to realize that these are in fact three different dungeons – Sigmar’s Crypts, and two different sets of Warpblade Tunnels full of Skaven to kill (so after wards you can go play one wearing your new Sent Gear).

Time Commitment – These dungeons require players to be level 40 so there is no question of group composure. Each dungeon can take between 45 minutes to 90 minutes – it really depends on group experience. Due to the nature of the dungeons in T1-4, its easier to acquire gear via RvR so many people do not do them until they hit level 40 and this is for many players their first dungeon encounter. That being said, you get to tough it out with noobs, and wipe joyfully. All together all three dungeons can take between two and four hours, anything in excess of four hours means your group needs help.

Layout – The two WBT instances each have two entrances which are one direction routes eventually meeting up and going to the boss fight (think of the letter ‘Y’ shape.) The docks entrances are in my opinion are longer and for the longest time were the only ones marked on the map, which led me to believe that the Mastiff’s End/Reikland Arms entrances were short because they were secrets. Sigmar’s Crypts on the other hand is divided into three small wings, but they have to be done in order (you cannot access the left wing without defeating the right wing boss, and you cant access the middle wing without the left wing boss opening it for you.) Destro has their version of WBT condensed into one tiny dungeon (Bloodwrought Enclave) which takes about 1/3 the time the two WBTs take and their version of Sigmar’s Crypts is the Bilerot Burrow which is divided in a similar fashion.

Design – Sigs and WBT are designed as 6-man instances for players in lesser wards (that means Annihilator or Bloodlord gear). There have been many theories as to how wards work and what they do but the way I describe it as ‘Wards for Dummies’ is – tanks should have 5 wards, everyone else should have as much as possible with the minimum being 3. A more in-depth theory/analysis I have is: each mob deals 300% damage and you deal 0% damage – each ward reduces the damage you take by40% and increase the damage you do by 20%; so having 5 wards/being fully warded means you take 100% (normal) damage and deal 100% (normal) damage. Whether or not it actually works like that doesn’t interest me, its just an easy way for new players to understand the ward system.

Boss Mechanics – I’ll start with WBT boots since its the closest to the flight master and then go to WBT helm and finally Sigs

  • WBT Boots Mini Boss – Skiv Redwarp – This guy is a skaven assassin and he is a mean monkey. When not in melee range of his target he throws an aoe cone of throwing stars which deal a huge chunk of damage to anyone caught in his cone. While being held in aggro he just stabs viciously, but he also does an AoE knockback and breaks aggro going for the weakest person in the group (usually a healer), making the tanks have to taunt him back immediately, if they don’t he may one-shot a weakly geared player.
  • WBT Boots Boss – Warlock Peenk – The end boss for the ‘boots’ wing is a Warlock Engineer. He only has one mechanic to watch out for is his magnetization. He will charge whoever is holding aggro with magnetism which will pull a bomb to them and explode for 2k damage, and if they don’t have their back to a wall it launches them across the room. Now if you want to have fun and wipe you let yourself get thrown across the room and set off all the bombs and you blow up a couple times like a bouncing ball, but I recommend you just put your back to a wall and tank and spank him.
  • WBT Helm Mini Bosses – Brauk and Master Moulder Skrot – Here we have a rat ogre and his pack master. I have little reason to believe Mythic didn’t pull these guys as the skins for their new RvR pack mechanics. This fight isn’t hard at all – Brauk the rat ogre just hits really hard, Skrot heals Brauk if they are within range, otherwise he casts some magic that hurts but not so bad. Most people just hold one while burning the other (usually Brauk first because he hits harder).
  • WBT Helm Boss – Grey Seer Quol’tik – In olden days this guy use to be mean, now he has been readjusted and isn’t so bad. He throws pools of ‘Diseased Ground’ on the ground, which looks like Mistress of the Marsh, and that use to kill people in 2-3 seconds, now it takes about 6 seconds. You essentially kite him backwards around the room and walk around the puddles. He also has chaos tentacles that spawn but they do negligible damage.
  • Sigmar’s Crypts Right Wing Mini Boss 1 – Cryptweb Queen – Its a big-ass spider, emphasis on ass. That’s right she loves to turn around and spray you with her web from her booty. That’s pretty much her only mechanic, she roots people with her web and runs to someone else.
  • Sigmar’s Crypts Right Wing Mini Boss 2 – The Reaper – Creativity for names was lacking! This guy looks like the grim reaper, go figure. His mechanic is throwing a puddle of purple gas on the ground which does damage per second to anyone standing in it. He also summons champion mobs but if you kill him they despawn.
  • Sigmar’s Crypts Right Wing Boss – Necromancer Malcidious – This guy isn’t too hard, he just hits relatively hard for his level, which isn’t very hard at all for a well geared tank. His main mechanic is that at 50% health he summons two spirits which can one-shot anyone they touch; he also summons champion spirits like The Reaper. To counter the evil one-shotting spirits you just tank him at the end of the long room which gives you plenty of time to kill him before his friends reach you.
  • Sigmar’s Crypts Left Wing Mini Boss 1 – Tobias the Fallen – Here was have an evil Warrior Priest, well more like an undead warrior priest. He will silence you and he will aoe punt you. Once he aoe punts you he will break aggro and go for someone new. You tank him against a wall to not get punted and problem solved, enjoy his pretty face.
  • Sigmar’s Crypts Left Wing Mini Boss 2 – Sister Eudocia – An evil banshee! Wait… can there be good banshees? She isn’t too difficult, all she has is an aoe cone attack, and if you turn her away from your group she should pose no problem. She will summon champion bats to aide her, but to little avail if your dps is worth their mettle.
  • Sigmar’s Crypts Left Wing Boss – Seraphine ‘Pale-Eye’ – Another tank and spank presented by Mythic. She however is buggy as hell. At 10% she will turn neutral and bargain her life for access to the middle wing – just be careful you don’t have any DoTs on her before she hits 10% or you don’t talk to her before she talks to you or else she will just bug out and follow whoever talked to her making you /partyreset.
  • Sigmar’s Crypts Middle Wing Boss – The Twin Lectors – Now here we finally have a cool unique mechanic! Something new! Here we have two brothers (we will guess) and one starts out as the ‘range magic caster’ and the other as the ‘physical damage dealer’. The caster will have a 30 foot disarm aura around him so only range dps can hurt him (if you want a good time do this fight with no rdps… throwing axes ftw). Every 30 seconds they swap stances. ALSO you have to keep their health within 10% of each other or else during the swap they will balance out to the twin with the highest health (so if one is at 43% and the other at 85%, bam both go to 85%). It’s a pretty fun fight and requires coordination amongst the group – vent is a must. There’s also an evil rat behind that brazier and if you tab target you keep picking him up. Evil rat -_-

Loot Mechanics – The Sentinel set has 6 pieces, and these pieces are scattered amongst these three dungeons. Any boss in the three dungeons can drop the Sentinel Belt. The Warpblade Tunnels accessible via the Mastiff’s End (aka WBT Boots) drop…. the Boots! The Warpblade Tunnels accessible via the Reikland Arms (aka WBT Helm) drop the… you guessed it, Helm!. The remaining three pieces are in Sigmar’s Crypts. Necromaner Malcidious in the ‘right wing’ of Sigmar’s Crypts drops the Sentinel gloves. Seraphine ‘Pale-Eye’ will drop a chest which contains Sentinel Shoulders. The Twin Lectors drop the Sentinel Chest. Each piece dropped is class specific and the drop rate is affected by the amount of stars Altdorf has (so if Altdorf has one star, one piece for sad you). The two piece drop rate sorta makes up for the class-specific drops, although in truth almost every player in the game will tell you that they would rather it be A)repairable gear or B)The game would do a class check of who is in the instance and drop only pieces for classes present, because two pieces of engineer gear blows when you don’t even have a dwarf in the party. Also with the constant city pushes these days its rare for a city to have five stars and thus give you two pieces of gear.

Lockout – All three of the Sentinel dungeons have a 2 day 20hr lockout.

Lore – Hm… I’m not sure why the crypts under Sigmar’s Temple would be full of so many vile undead, you’d think they’d have a handle over their own crypts but -shrugs-. There isn’t really any lore for these places as they were made up, well aside from WBT which is in reference to the skaven tunnels under Altdorf, but dont worry with 1.4 Mythic will probably have to delete the WBT instances to make sense with Order fighting with Skaven.

Overall Review – 2.5/5 I know it sounds harsh. But these dungeons are bland as dirt. Artistically they are incredibly dull. Oh look a tunnel! Oh look a tunnel with an incline! Oh look a tunnel with a ramp! You think this sounds dry? This is probably what the new Skaven-themed area is gonna look like so don’t hold your breath for artistic magnificence in 1.4. The drop mechanic although with higher chances still has class specific gear which isn’t helpful and is affected by the city’s rating which on one-sided servers is always low. The lockout is significant, but worst of all is how long it takes to complete all three dungeons. Once you’ve run Destruction’s equivalents (aka Blood & Bile) which take about an hour and a half, the Order ones are like gouging your eyes out. They are simply long and full of trash mobs. Even with a group stacked with RR80s these dungeons can take up to two hours. Do the Bloodwrought Enclave with a few RR80s and its about 15 minutes. The low rating is mainly based on the comparison with Destruction’s equivalents.

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  1. October 5, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    What I think is that when mythic started programming, they made order dungeons first.

    Then when destro dungeons came they were like “screw it, make it easy”

    Really wanna try these two order dungeons out something. Kots should take me if I make another acc πŸ™‚

    I would do B/B on my blog, but I’m to lazy. Get Bootae to do it πŸ˜€

  2. Dilek
    October 6, 2010 at 9:22 AM

    KotS will take you if you make another account. =)

    Eka, great write up!

  3. October 6, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    The thing that’s stopping me, is I know that I’d make my WP, then the rvr pack would come out. And i’d need to level to 100 on my dok, and that might take awhile.

  4. October 6, 2010 at 4:12 PM

    I’m planning on making a second sub next week, trying to line it up with my current account.

    So.. yay

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