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Eka’s “Supreme Ward” Dungeon Introduction

October 9, 2010 7 comments

Before I dive into today’s post I’ll just do my ‘brief’ other-stuff talk. So once again as with the three campaigns threads I posted earlier, I do not intend to break my chain of threads. I have no doubt that should anything grand be announced my fellow bloggers (that list off to the right –>) will no doubt catch wind of it and post it. Some may be flower wielding Mythic fan-boi’s and for this we forgive them, and some may be torch wielding fanatics. Mythic no doubt lumps my blog in the latter category and would pay me to shut down my blog if they only had enough money to do so (they offered me checks, but the sums were ‘endless snot green dye’ and ‘a free renown rank usable only RR1-10’ so I turned them down). Actually I doubt my blogs made it onto Mythic’s radar, because if it had they would have sent me nasty emails to stow the subversive banter. Irregardless for news regarding Warhammer Online I direct you to my fellow bloggers. For the next month Eka’s entering the Hypothetical realm…

So this is what it’s all been boiling down to, how I would design my dungeon… Buckle up ladies and gents because Eka’s mind is a crazy place!

When you look at the forums and pry apart all the different requests and gimme-gimme’s what is it most players want and have wanted since Beta? Female Mauraders, barber shops, skaven, player housing, pet monkeys. Well there you have it! I have heard your pleas and have designed a dungeon full of crab-clawed women ready to cut your hair in your own private home – pet monkey in the yard, but alas it is besieged by evil skaven! Hazah all things accomplished! Wait… no… no, that’s not actually what I had in mind. Oh my gosh I’m terribly sorry. Can I start over? I didn’t mean to lead you on… Can we still be friends? Fantastic! Lets start over! Read more…

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