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Lothern Introduction

Lothern – capital of Ulthuan and seat of the Phoenix King. An isle situated in the Straits of Lothern that connect the Inner Sea to the Great Ocean. Strategically located, the isle-city commands the entrance to the Inner Sea with its crews of Lothern Sea Guards manning Repeater Ballistas on the high walls. Never has a foreign army set foot within its white walls or a foreign fleet sailed its Straits. Every citizen of the capital is a trained warrior of the Lothern Sea Guard. Any army foolish enough to break its strength on Lothern’s walls and defenders will turn the Straits of Lothern red with its blood.

Using the descriptions of the city I have access to and trying to work with the general shape Mythic has for the island behind the Shining Way fortress I have created my own adaptation of Lothern. Naturally in times of peace this city would fulfill the normal functions of a capital. There would be bankers, crafting merchants, armor vendors, trainers, the works! To anyone visiting the city it would be crawling with nobles elaborately garbed, seemingly defenseless and as the ripe fruit ready for picking. To the unseen eye all these nobles clad in silken cloth posed no threat, but should an army approach the walls of Lothern, then its peaceful populace would instantly transform into a host of the deadliest defenders. Naturally, the capital in times of peace would be accessible to players of an appropriate rank with quests and tasks to be achieved.

Lothern, the proud capital of the High Elves, seat of the Phoenix King is the target of Malekith’s jealousy. Burned by the flame of Asuryan when he tried to seize the Phoenix Throne, the Witch King has been eying the Phoenix Throne for centuries. Lauching an invasion of the island, Malekith has pit two rival houses against each other – House Uthorin and House Arkaneth. Approaching from the east, House Uthorin has breached the walls of Lothern first and now the forces of the Druchii flood the streets challenging her champions. Her white walls weep red tears of her defender’s blood. Lothern will not fall so long as there is but one defender within her walls and the Phoenix King lives.

With pen and paper, I give Lothern a skeleton. With pictures, I give it a skin. With our imaginations, we give it life. I present my vision of Lothern –

The invasion of Lothern began from the West, proud Eataine falling to the hosts of House Uthorin. The green dot indicates the point of invasion – the West Gate. The blue dots indicate siege weapons ready to fire upon invaders (the dots above the gate along the wall are facing inward posed to fire upon the invaders as they rush between the Astarielle and Aenarion Towers. A Dark Elf noble prompts you, “Commander, we’ve breached the gates and the archmages hold us back, but their power can only last so long. The Phoenix Guard is attempting to break through the postern to our right and hit us from the side when the force-field goes down, we must prepare for the assault.” The outer doors hang shattered on their hinges, a host of archmages cast a powerful forcefield holding back the invaders as the defenders muster behind the gleaming High Elf Repeating Bolt Throwers and Ballistas. Behind you, the hosts of House Uthorin, ahead of you a force-field slowly weakening, above you oil and missiles pouring through murder holes, to your sides two postern doors – one quiet, the other being hammered on from within. The task at hand – the oil and siege equipment above the West Gate must be destroyed and the south postern must be held as long as possible so that the Phoenix Guard do not hit you in coordination with the Lothern Sea Guard behind the archmages force-field. The first rally point lay up a set of stairs flanked by High Elf siege weaponry, the initial onslaught will be bloody.

Once the rally point has been secured the many avenues of the city lay open before you, but the invasion will be a bloody massacre if you do not disable the High Elf Repeating Bolt Throwers manned by the Lothern Sea Guard and Shining Guard on the roofs of the buildings. Fighting house by house will be a costly operation. No, you must clear the western skies and allow for the manticore riders to approach the city. Powerful siege weapons rain death from the Astarielle and Aenarion towers, securing the entire western skies over the city. They must be disabled, and the only access to these mighty lofts is via the Yvraine and Morelion Towers. A noble bloodline bolsters the defenses of the city, with its fall the skies of Lothern will be in the hands of House Uthorin.

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