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Lothern – Inner Sea Coast

October 11, 2010 2 comments

Traveling north under the sky bridge between the Towers of Yvraine and Morelion one enters the mercantile district of the Inner Sea. Here the mighty docks of Lothern serve two purposes – as a vast trading facility connecting not only Lothern to the rest of the Inner Kingdoms, but also connecting Ulthuan to the corners of the world. The second purpose is present as one walks down the streets with its majestic blue-roofed buildings. At the heart of the mercantile district  lay the Lothern Sea Guard Barracks, beautiful buildings crowned by deadly repeating bolt throwers and the defenders of the city. Here the members of the Sea Guard come for respite, but given a few days they set sail again protecting the waters around Ulthuan.

To the west rises the mighty Griffon Tower, a tiered tower only accessible to an elite class of mages which commune with the mighty beasts from which the towers gets its name. At the top of this mighty tower, the Griffon Matriarch perches casting an ever watchful eye over Lothern. To the north are the Lothern Docks, a massive facility granting safe harbor to ships – from here the Lothern Sea Guard sails around the world. Traveling east along the Inner Sea coast one passes gazebos overlooking the sea where merchants share tales of exotic lands and noble families dine by the sunset at tables set by the sea. At the far east end of the Inner Sea coast lay the manor of the elite crew of the Lothern Sea Guard’s flagship, the Phoenix Flame. Rarely at port the massive graceful ship is an awe inspiring sight – its arrival sparking conversations around town. Read more…

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