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Lothern – Inner Sea Coast

Traveling north under the sky bridge between the Towers of Yvraine and Morelion one enters the mercantile district of the Inner Sea. Here the mighty docks of Lothern serve two purposes – as a vast trading facility connecting not only Lothern to the rest of the Inner Kingdoms, but also connecting Ulthuan to the corners of the world. The second purpose is present as one walks down the streets with its majestic blue-roofed buildings. At the heart of the mercantile district  lay the Lothern Sea Guard Barracks, beautiful buildings crowned by deadly repeating bolt throwers and the defenders of the city. Here the members of the Sea Guard come for respite, but given a few days they set sail again protecting the waters around Ulthuan.

To the west rises the mighty Griffon Tower, a tiered tower only accessible to an elite class of mages which commune with the mighty beasts from which the towers gets its name. At the top of this mighty tower, the Griffon Matriarch perches casting an ever watchful eye over Lothern. To the north are the Lothern Docks, a massive facility granting safe harbor to ships – from here the Lothern Sea Guard sails around the world. Traveling east along the Inner Sea coast one passes gazebos overlooking the sea where merchants share tales of exotic lands and noble families dine by the sunset at tables set by the sea. At the far east end of the Inner Sea coast lay the manor of the elite crew of the Lothern Sea Guard’s flagship, the Phoenix Flame. Rarely at port the massive graceful ship is an awe inspiring sight – its arrival sparking conversations around town.

Traveling north under the sky bridge of the Yvraine and Morelion towers the invading army enters one of the largest districts of Lothern, the Lothern Docks and the adjacent Lothern Sea Guard Barracks. The roofs of the barracks reflect light from the steel tips of the massive bolts of the siege equipment. Upon entering this area one is prompted with the ‘Public Quest’ of securing the Lothern Sea Guard Barracks and the Lothern Docks

Sinking the Sea Guard : Lothern Docks
Phase 1: Capture the Lothern Sea Guard Barracks and the Lothern Docks

Lothern Sea Guard Barracks
The Lothern Sea Guard Barracks are a small town within the great city. Teeming with the crews of the Repeating Bolt Throwers, one has but two choices in capturing this cluster of buildings – fight a brutal fight house by house and clear the roofs or use manticore riders to assault the siege crews from above, but beware – the griffons from the Griffon Tower will always fly out to challenge any manticore breaching their skies. It is unlikely that a manticore rider will survive long after their attack on the siege equipment. The buildings are connected by a vast network of tunnels and passages underground and the only way to effectively stop the tide of Lothern Sea Guard pouring from within is to set the buildings ablaze or  to quickly capture the rally flag and advance the battle.

Lothern Docks
The second task is seemingly easier, the flag lay relatively unprotected in the center of the docks beside a looming statue of Finubar the Seafarer. Eight distinctly High Elf vessels with their triangle white sails lay at dock with their crews. One peculiar vessel with gray sails also is docked but its defenders are visibly not the Lothern Sea Guard. A brazier beneath the statue provides the opportunity to set the ships ablaze if their crews could be cleared… should one bother with unnecessary tasks and push for the objective?

Phase 2: Upon claiming both flags phase two of the Public Quest is initiated and from the lone ship with gray sails a grim figure emerges.

Alith Anar
The boss for this Public Quest is Alith Anar, the Shadow King. He is a 66 MPAT level 58 Lord (for a description of what a 66 MPAT is, refer to my Introduction to Eka’s Supreme Ward Dungeon post.) In regards to what his mechanic is, he has every ability, tactic, and morale a Shadow Warrior has and will use them all with flexibility in combat; thus, Alith Anar’s mechanic cannot be predicted. If you get to close to him he may switch to his assault stance and become a difficult foe, or he may switch to his skirmish stance and kite you. For the sake of aggro, ‘Taunt’ only works in as much as who he is directing his damage to; he is not easily held in position. Alith Anar uses the bow Moonbow, which increases the range of his ranged abilities by 50% and damage of his abilities if they are over 100ft by ‘x’%. He is also equipped with the Stone of Midnight which he stole from Morathi; it deals ‘x’ damage back to attackers if they are over 50 feet away. The only predictable mechanic he offers is that every 20% of his health he will enter the shadows (i.e. disappear) and from all the intact ships at the Lothern Docks hero-level mobs will pour forth – two Lothern Sea Guard per ship with white sail (the ones on the north and west end of the docks) and four Shadow Warriors from the ship with the gray sails (the lone ship at the east end of the Docks). You’re probably thinking “20 heroes?! Are you crazy?!” Well this is an introduction of fights where ‘rash decisions make for rash consequences’. If you want to handle 20 hero-level mobs, then by all means, but you do have the option to burn the eight white-sailed ships so you only have to deal with the four Shadow Warriors from Alith Anar’s ship. After the four Shadow Warriors are dead he will return. He will enter this phase at 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%.
Upon defeating Alith Anar he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable pair of Monarch Boots for range and melee dps classes. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a two-handed axe for Black Orcs – “Da Shadow Slica”.

Shining Hall
There is an optional area of exploration which is what would be the Guild Hall for Lothern during times of peace. The Shining Hall is a large building guarded primarily by high level champions, but within is a high level Shining Guard hero, the Guild-master, who has the possibility of dropping rare jewelry. The Shining Hall is one location within Lothern that is not affected by the invader’s ‘Advancing the Battle’ rally flag capturing. The only way to halt the stream of defenders from its halls is to eliminate the Guild-master. Unlike other buildings in Lothern, the Shining Hall cannot be put to the torch.

The Head of the Kraken : The Phoenix Flame
Phase 1: Attempt to capture the Phoenix Flame’s landing.

The Inner Sea Lighthouse
Although there is no mention of fighting in the Inner Sea Lighthouse for this Public Quest, it contains a hidden optional course of action. The Inner Sea Lighthouse is located deep out in the Inner Sea and it is only accessible by battling ones way up the tower on Lothern and across the sky bridge over the water. The portion of the fight along the sky bridge would allow the invaders to knock defending mobs off the bridge into the water; however, the defenders would also have the capability of doing likewise, so caution would be advised. Upon reaching the Inner Sea Lighthouse and battling up to the tip of the tower, one would have the ability to disable the flame/light mechanism at the top of the lighthouse.

Phoenix Flame Landing
East of the tower one approaches a massive estate housing the crew of the Phoenix Flame, the flagship of the Lothern Sea Guard. To the right perched upon the roof of the Shining Guard Quarters are more High Elf Repeating Bolt Throwers. The barracks are guarded by the elite Sea Guard and setting them ablaze is a much more difficult task requiring battling indoors and holding off the defenders. This building however does not need to be set ablaze, but doing so eases the capturing of the Phoenix Flame Landing.

Sea Lord Aislinn
Upon attempting to capture the Phoenix flame landing, your efforts raise the alarm aboard the ship and you are approached from the sky by the commander of the Sea Guard, Sea Lord Aislinn, a 58 Lord, and his griffon, a 50 lord. The immediate impact of his landing will knock players back, and if they don’t move fast enough some may end up in the water going for a swim. Sea Lord Aislinn is a slightly more predictable fight than the 66 MPATs. For the first half of the fight he will remain on his griffon and they will attack in unison at one target. While mounted and using his lance, Sea Lord Aislinn has a naturally higher chance to critically hit. His griffon in addition to doing damage will have the ability to disable someone in front of it with its powerful beak. Every 20% of Sea Lord Aislinn’s health he will summon reinforcements from his elite crew – if you set the Phoenix Flame estate ablaze then the reinforcements will be at half strength. So 80% – Sea Guard reinforcements from barracks, 60% – Sea Guard reinforcements from barracks. At 50% he will fly off and retreat to his ship. Chase him to the Phoenix Flame and you notice he no longer has his griffon. On board the Phoenix Flame Sea Lord Aislinn operates detatched from his griffon, reducing his chance to critically hit; however, he on foot he wields the Blade of Sea Gold which increases his armor penetration and he does gain the ability to reduce chance to block by ‘x’%. Several seconds upon engaging Sea Lord Aislinn, his griffon will swipe the mid deck randomly selecting one person who is not holding Sea Lord Aislinn’s aggro and dropping them in the sea. The griffon will then return to the deck to fight alongside his master creating a situation where two mobs have to be tanked (the griffon’s health will be significantly lower than Sea Lord Aislinn’s). Once again at 40% and 20% Sea Guard crews will make way for the Phoenix Flame, but this time by sea. If you disabled the lighthouse flame then their numbers will be drastically lower.
Upon defeating Sea Lord Aislinn and his griffon he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable Monarch Cape for healers. He also has an ‘x’% chance of a Squig Herder spear – “Kraken Hunter”.
As a final act of vengeance you can set the Phoenix Flame ablaze.

For a smidgen of lore, just a smidgen, Alith Anar is the Shadow King, i.e. the founder/leader of the Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe. He chose to stay loyal to the Phoenix King when Malekith turned this kingdom into his own pleasure palace. He now lives a mysterious life on Naggaroth haunting the Witch King’s dreams – he is said to be the figure Malekith fears the most. To my knowledge he hasn’t returned to Ulthuan since the Sundering. As a bonus, here is a pretty neat picture I found on the interwebs someone drew of Alith Anar, the Shadow King.
Sea Lord Aislinn is as I described him, the Commander of the High Elf fleets, although I do not believe he is the supreme commander – primarily the expeditionary forces. For some reason his mount of choice is a griffon, presumably because he is an Asur noble. There isn’t very much lore about him unfortunately, at least that I know of. The picture I used for him is not actually of him, it is from the 6th edition of the High Elf army book and is of Eltharion, but aside from the helm it is a fair version of what Sea Lord Aislinn would look like upon his griffon.

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